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MyStreetscape FAQs and Help Guide

I’m having problems accessing my account. Who can I call?

Call your Personal Financial Representative or 1-877-232-2142 weekdays, between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm CST, and our friendly staff will assist you.

What's the System Configuration for myFinancial360

Click here for specs (PDF format)

How do I determine my browser’s encryption level?

For Microsoft Internet Explorer®:
1. From Internet Explorer’s file menu click on “Help”
2. Select “About Internet Explorer”
3. On the screen that appears, the Cipher strength should say “128-bit”

For Netscape®:
1. From Netscape’s file menu click on “Help”
2. The third block of text on the left side of the screen will refer to the “RSA encryption engine.”  The tag line at the bottom of that line should read; “This version supports U.S. security with RSA…” If so, you are running the 128-bit version of Netscape.  If the tag line at the bottom reads: “This version supports International…” you are running the 40-bit version of Netscape.

What's the appropriate use of the Back and Forward functions on myStreetscape?

For optimal performance, the Back and Forward Browser Buttons should not be used. This navigation strategy is not recommended when using myStreetscape, as it will not work across primary or 1st level menu items.  With certain browsers, the user will inadvertently log himself/herself out of the application.

Is it normal to see some slowness in performance upon login to myStreetscape?

Yes. Upon login, the user may experience some slowness, however the application’s performance may increase with continuous usage shortly after login. Also, the user may experience slowness after leaving the desktop for a period of time.

What's the length of time before myStreetscape times out and the user will be forced to log back in?

The myStreetscape platform will timeout after 30 minutes of non-usage. However, users may experience a shorter timeout period due to internal systems limitations.

Is there trading through myStreetscape

No. There is no trading.

When I entered a Mutual Fund symbol and selected Mutual Fund Reports, I received a "symbol not found" error. What should I do?

"Mutual Fund Reports" only include equity mutual funds. Be sure the fund in question is an equity fund.

Why isn’t a myStreetscape user able to quote a symbol that begins with “Q” and ends with “Q”?

Mutual fund symbols that begin and end with Q indicate the symbol is a temporary symbol. These symbols have not yet reached the point of being assigned permanent symbols by the fund company and therefore are not quoted by the Exchange.

Mutual funds that have a symbol beginning in Q and ending in Q are not quotable via myStreetscape.


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