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Allstate Motorcycle Insurance Policy Features

Upgrades For Your Motorcycle Policy.

Dependable coverage and the support of a local agent are just the beginning of what you'll get with an Allstate motorcycle insurance policy. Optional features like the Rider Protection Package and the First-Accident Waiver give you outstanding protection and benefits.

Protect Yourself And Your Family.

If you're in a serious or fatal covered accident, you'll likely need help regardless of who is at fault. That's what makes the Rider Protection Package so invaluable. It can provide death and dismemberment coverage and cash benefits to you or your family. Ask your Allstate agent about adding it to your policy.

Total Your Bike? Replace It With A New One.

If your new motorcycle is totaled, there's no replacing it in your heart, but you can replace it in your driveway. New Motorcycle Replacement* coverage gives you a new bike so you can get right back on the road, where you belong. Find an agent for more details.

Have Your First Accident Waived.

We all make mistakes. Luckily, the First-Accident Waiver lets you call a mulligan. With the First-Accident Waiver, your insurance premium won't go up just because of your first accident. The feature is offered at no extra charge, if you're eligible. Talk to an agent to see if you are. To use the waiver, four things must happen:

  • It has to be the only accident in 48 months where you were at fault—on any motorcycle.
  • Your motorcycle insurance policy with Allstate needs to be at least 48 months old.
  • Both the bike and the driver have to be covered when the accident happens.
  • The covered driver can't be charged with any major traffic violation related to the accident.

Find an agent for more information about Allstate motorcycle policy features.

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Insurance, coverage and discounts are subject to terms and conditions, which may vary by state. Discount amounts and total savings will vary based on state coverages selected.

*New Motorcycle Replacement is an optional feature. Requires both collisions and Comprehensive coverages and loss must occur within two model years. Insured must be original owner/lessor of a not previously titled cycle. Find an agent for more details.
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