Frequently Asked Questions

How does Milewise work?
Milewise is a pay-as-you-go car insurance product from Allstate. You pay a low daily rate and per-mile rate when you drive. When your account reaches its minimum balance, it’s automatically replenished via the credit card on file.
What is the Milewise device and why is it required?
The Milewise device is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It plugs into your car under the dash and steering column and detects driving info so you can see your mileage and trip habits on demand. The device must be installed and operating correctly to record trips.
Can I move the Milewise device from one vehicle to another?
No. The Milewise device follows the car not the driver. Be sure to keep each device plugged into the car originally designated on the policy.
How are my trip costs calculated?
Trip costs are calculated by multiplying the miles recorded for a trip by your per-mile rate.
How are my rates determined?
Your daily rate and per-mile rate are calculated based on characteristics such as driver age, vehicle type and driver history, similar to a traditional auto policy.
When are my trips charged?
Trip costs are deducted from your Milewise account after a trip is completed and processed, usually within a few hours. Your credit card on file is charged when your minimum account balance is reached, which depends on how much or little you drive.
What information does the Milewise device detect?
The Milewise device detects miles driven, speed, time of day, specific driving events (like hard braking) and location. This info is used to calculate your trip costs and provide personalized feedback you can view online and in the app.
What if I take a long trip?
No problem. Any miles driven over 150 per day per vehicle are on us.
What happens on days I don’t drive at all?
On days you don’t do any driving, only the daily rate is deducted from your Milewise account.
Is this “lite” insurance or reduced coverage?
No. You get the same great coverage and claims service you’d expect from Allstate along with an agent you can know and trust.
I’ve got some questions. Who do I contact?
You have a few options: You can contact your Allstate agent, call the Customer Care Team at 877-389-0047 or email us at