Real stories from veterans describing the powerful impact Allstate has had on their lives as they made the “military-to-civilian” transition

  • Rashonda Image
    RASHONDRA Human Resources, United States Air Force, 11 years
    "Working with an Allstate Agent, it’s given me that joy and sense of peace, knowing that I’m able to help Allstate customers."
  • Sean Image
    SEAN Infantryman (11B), Army, 4 years
    "Before Allstate I didn’t know what I was going to do. I was kind of lost. This sparkle of hope in the distance that I could go and work in insurance and I could really do something great with myself… it saved my life."
  • Rebecca Image
    REBECCA National Guard Reservist, Sergeant in the military police unit, 4 years
    "I enjoy being able to help the public and being able to help somebody."
photo of Allstate founder General Robert E. Wood General Wood, Allstate Founder

Great Veterans Are Part of Our History.

Allstate founder General Robert E. Wood was a West Point man. He first served in the Philippines, then later on in WWI in the 42nd Rainbow Division. From the armed forces to Allstate, General Wood made protecting others his mission in life.

Today, we remain committed to members of our armed forces by hiring veterans and military spouses who share the same core values as we do. Learn more about the Good Hands history at https://www.allstate.com/about/military-support.aspx

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