Frequently Asked Questions


Before You Apply

  • What are the minimum requirements to qualify?

    The Joining Forces for Good Program is designed to support honorably discharged veterans, active duty, Reserves, National Guard and their spouses — the only requirement to qualify! You don't need a college degree or even sales experience to get started. You just need the drive and commitment to succeed.

  • What are the career opportunities for working with an Allstate Agency Owner?

    For veterans and spouses like you, it's an opportunity to help protect people. Your military training and experiences are just what Agency Owners are looking for. The Good Hands company offers a dedicated program to help provide you the opportunity to build a solid career with an Allstate Agency, and a good life to go with it. Allstate uses the “8 Keys to Veteran Success” by weaving these fundamentals into your education. We teach you how to refine your résumé and how to interview — valuable skills that are yours to keep and use as you build your career.

  • What do I need to do to get started?
    • Step 1 Fill out the online application form and create a profile.
    • Step 2 You will then receive an online skills questionnaire to assess your problem-solving skills and personality strengths. Your results will assist in finding interviews with Allstate Agency Owners who match your strengths and skill set.
    • Step 3 Take an optional virtual education course, which gives an overview of Allstate and an interactive view of working in an Allstate Agency Owner's office. In addition, the course provides you with a step-by-step tool to help you build a professional résumé and cover letter to make you more attractive to potential employers, plus interview tips and tricks.
    • Step 4 A regional representative will contact you to set up interviews. With thousands of different Agency Owners across the country, you'll have the opportunity to interview for potential jobs at different locations.
    • Step 5 We encourage you to begin the state-required prelicensing work now instead of waiting until you start in an agency. There are some related up-front costs, but by starting the licensing journey now, it will put you ahead of the game during interviews. It will also increase your potential earning power, and you will be eligible to receive a milestone bonus, fully reimbursing you for all licensing costs. Once you pass your exam, you'll need to send Allstate proof so we can send you your $500 milestone bonus check.
  • What tools do I need to start the application process?

    First, you will complete an online application where you will provide some background and contact information and how you can be contacted. You can upload your résumé at this point in the process (once this stage is complete, we will send you a simple online personality assessment). If you don't have a résumé, that's okay.

    Here are some online resources to help you build one:


    For spouses:

  • Military personnel and their families move around a lot. Does that affect anything?

    Part of our program is designed to connect you with Allstate Agency Owners looking to hire veterans and spouses like you across the country. As a national company, Allstate has Agency Owners in all 50 states. We will work to help you find potential employment with one of our 10,000 Agency Owners.

  • What if I’m already working for an Allstate Agency Owner when I apply for this program?

    If you’re already hired, you do not need to complete the assessment or the virtual education course. You instead will immediately begin your prelicensing requirement to work toward passing the property and casualty exam and earning your licensing milestone bonus. Already-hired candidates do not qualify for our second milestone bonus unless they were hired within one month of starting the program.

  • What if I'm prelicensed when I begin the program?

    You complete the program as normal and can proceed straight into the interviewing phase. You will not receive the licensing email and do not qualify for the licensing milestone bonus. You do qualify for the second or retention milestone bonus.

  • Is there a mentorship opportunity for veterans?

    After you’re hired, you will be given the chance to gain a mentor through American Corporate Partners’ (ACP) one-on-one Veteran Mentoring Program. It’s a yearlong personalized mentorship focused on the veteran’s individual career goals. Throughout your mentorship, you will have the opportunity to focus on long-term career planning, work-life balance and much more. ACP mentors are ready to assist you to build your professional network, advance in your current role and grow within your career. Learn more about how Allstate supports veterans with other career opportunities.

The Program and State Licensing

  • What happens if I'm accepted into the program?

    You will receive an email with the IdealTraits link to complete an online personality assessment that helps us assess your problem-solving skills and personality strengths. Next, you’ll receive an email detailing the steps to follow to take our virtual education course. It takes between 5 and 6 hours and gives an overview of Allstate, what it’s like working in an agency and interactive, step-by-step instructions on building a great résumé. Once you complete the course, you qualify to begin interviews with Agency Owners. Once you pass the licensing exam, you earn a $500 completion bonus.

  • How long does it take to complete the program?

    The program does not have a set time-frame as it is all virtual and at your own pace. Average participants spend anywhere between 2 and 5 days completing the program prior to beginning their interviews with Agency Owners.

  • What is the cost associated with this program?

    There is no cost associated with completing the program that is required to interview. Everything is virtual and no additional materials are needed beyond a computer to access the course. As any program participants decides to move forward with obtaining their property and casualty license, there are up-front costs associated with the prelicensing material required for the exam. These costs are not required to begin interviewing with any Allstate Agency Owners.

  • What happens after I complete the program?

    After you complete the online education course, an Allstate coordinator will contact you about setting up your interviews. Our staffing team will be there every step of the way to help you succeed. You will have the opportunity to interview with one of more than 10,000 Agency Owners in any one of the 50 states. It's VERY important that you re-create your résumé based off on tips you receive through the online VSIP education course to ensure you put your best foot forward with an Allstate Agency Owner.

  • Where are the Agency Owners hiring?

    With more than 10,000 Allstate Agency Owners across the U.S., there are opportunities almost everywhere, including your hometown.

  • What is the state property and casualty insurance licensing exam?

    It's the exam you need to pass in order to become licensed to sell property and casualty/liability insurance. The purpose is to test your knowledge of basic insurance concepts. Once you earn your property and casualty license in a certain state, it's transferable to most states.

  • What kind of materials do I need for the state property and casualty insurance exam?

    Anything you need for the exam will be provided through our licensing vendors, who will help you pass your exam. You just need to bring a willingness to learn and spend time studying the material.

  • When do I start working toward my state-required license?

    While you're interviewing, we encourage you to start the state required prelicensing work. There are some up-front related costs, but by starting the licensing journey now, it will put you ahead of the game during interviews. It will also increase your potential earning power, and you will be eligible to receive a milestone bonus, fully reimbursing you for all licensing costs.

  • How long until I receive my reimbursement or completion bonus?

    Once we have your W-9 documentation and proof you've successfully passed the property and casualty state licensing exam, you should receive your completion bonus within three to four weeks. If you don't receive your bonus after four weeks, please email us at

  • Am I also able to receive reimbursement for the licensing costs through the GI Bill?

    Yes. Upon completing the state property and casualty insurance licensing exam you do qualify for additional reimbursement through the GI Bill: however, you will be responsible for applying on your own. Additional information addressing the G.I. Bill will be shared during the program.

  • Do I need to take any other exams?

    No. Once you pass the state property and casualty insurance exam, you can maintain your property and casualty insurance license for a lifetime! To do so, just complete the necessary hours of continuing education required by your state. If you want to sell other kinds of insurance (e.g. life insurance), you will have to take additional exams, but that's totally up to you.

  • What if I already have my property and casualty insurance license? Can I still participate in the placement?

    Congratulations on having already passed your property and casualty insurance state licensing exam! Because of this, you do not have to take the exam again to participate in the placement portion of the program. Remember to notify us during the application process that you've already passed the exam so we can start you on the Allstate education and placement portion of the program.

The Career

  • What will I be doing after I'm hired by an Agency Owner?

    All Allstate Agency Owners are independent businesspeople. They can run their agencies in their own way. So as an employee of an Agency Owner, you may have differing roles. However, your primary job will be to sell Allstate products and services, and be the face of the agency. Down the road, you could even own your own agency.

  • What are the compensation structure and benefits for a licensed sales professional who works for an Agency Owner?

    Every agency's compensation structure and benefits are different. You could work on a 100% commission, a 100% salary with no bonus, or a mixture of the two. This is a good conversation to have with Agency Owners during your interview.

  • Can I contact an Allstate talent representative if I have more questions?

    Absolutely! We have an entire staffing team dedicated to helping you throughout the process. f you want to talk before you apply, contact us at One of our Allstate talent representatives will reach out to you within two business days or fewer to answer your questions. No pressure. No obligations.

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