Coverage for life's every moment

Permanent life insurance can provide the security of lifelong protection, a tax-free death benefit and can also build cash value over time. Allstate has three types of policies: whole, universal and variable universal.

With whole life insurance you'll have:

  • Guaranteed growth potential
    Cash value increases regardless of market conditions.
  • Fixed premium payments
    Enjoy paying the same amount over time.
  • The potential to earn dividends
    For participating policies, these earnings can be received in cash, accumulated at interest, used to buy additional life insurance or to help reduce premium payments or pay outstanding loans.

With universal life insurance you'll have:

  • Cash value with downside protection
    Lower your risk by building cash value with downside protection.
  • A flexible policy

    Ability to adjust your plan over time.¹

With variable universal life insurance you'll have:

  • Full market participation
    There are no limits on upside investment gains or downside losses.
  • A wider range of investment options
    Have the freedom to decide where to invest your cash value.

Rates vary for this type of life insurance. Contact a life insurance expert for details.