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What is landlord insurance?

Owning and renting out a property can be a smart investment and a great experience. By taking some steps to make sure you’re covered if something goes wrong, you can focus more on keeping your property in great shape and less on the unexpected challenges. With an Allstate® landlord policy, you’ll get protection from sudden and accidental losses and the bills that come with them, including the  possible loss of rent and even the cost of rebuilding your property if there’s damage from a natural disaster.¹ In other words, you’ll have the peace of mind when you welcome your tenants to the place they’ll call home.

What you need to know about landlord insurance

  • Coverage & policies

    Learn how Allstate helps protect landlords.
  • Deductibles & limits

    Learn how to select your deductibles and coverage limits.

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What poses a risk to your properties?

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How much does landlord insurance from Allstate cost?

Many factors, such as the types of protection and the coverage limits you choose, can impact the cost of your coverage. Review your options so you can choose the types and amounts of coverage that best fit your needs. A multi-policy discount could help lower the cost of your monthly premium if you bundle your landlord policy with another Allstate policy, such as home or auto.

How to compare landlord insurance quotes

If you're gathering quotes from several companies, make sure you choose the same coverage types, limits and deductibles for an accurate comparison.

  • Choose your coverage

    Review coverage types included in a standard policy, as well as optional coverages you want to add.
  • Consider your limits

    Think about your personal finances and needs when choosing your coverage limits.
  • Select your deductibles

    Some landlord coverages come with a deductible, or the amount you pay toward a claim. For an accurate comparison, be sure to select the same deductible on each coverage for every quote you request.

Landlord insurance FAQs