What are landlord policy declarations?

When you buy an Allstate® Landlords Package Policy (LPP), you’ll receive policy declarations, which “declare” the choices you made for your LPP. These may include deductibles for some coverages as well as optional protection you may have purchased.

You’ll receive a new Allstate Landlords Package Policy Declarations every renewal period (typically one year). Be sure to read through your renewal each year to confirm you’re up to date on the policy’s latest features, any premium changes or other vital information.

How to read your landlord policy declarations

The following is an example of an Allstate Landlords Package Policy Declarations that shows you where to find some of the important information. Check your own policy declarations to make sure all the information is correct.

Landlords package policy declarations  
letter a 

Policy period

The LPP typically covers a one-year period. Pay your premium by the due date, and your policy automatically continues for the time period shown.

letter b 

Location of property

Shows the insured building's address.

letter c 

Total premium

This is the amount you pay, whether in full or by installment, for your property’s protection for a one-year policy period. It includes all the coverages you’ve selected.

letter d 


Shows all the coverage you have as part of your landlord policy.

letter e 

Limits of liability

The maximum limit Allstate will pay for each covered loss*.

letter f 


The amount you pay out of pocket when you file a claim for a covered loss*. Your policy’s deductibles are shown next to each coverage.

letter g 


Any discounts you may have received are listed here.

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