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An ASPL employeegetting recognized with a certificate. Good work always pays off.

Rewards & Recognitions

To create the best environment for recognition we can't just recognize from the top down. We need to encourage these efforts from the bottom up. All Allstate employees should continue to perpetuate an environment of recognition, showing their appreciation for co-workers and leaders. Whether it is a High Five or thank you gift card, everyone should show their gratitude through formal and informal practices.

In order to make Allstate a great place to work and foster an environment for recognition, we all need to remember to partner together and effectively recognize individuals for their hard work in timely, specific, sincere and personal ways.

We have global recognition programs and local recognition programs. Our global recognition programs include a holiday with the senior leadership. Local recognition programs have an array of exciting things to offer. Please get in touch with us to know more about our rewards program.

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