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The 'Week of Service' - Blood Donation Drive 10th June 2013

Allstate has a pronounced history of strong corporate social responsibility programmes and ASPL are keen to emulate this in India. Allstate's companywide 'Week of Service' was a great opportunity to kick—off ASPL's own CSR activities including a blood donation drive held in the offices.

The ASPL CSR Committee joined hands with the Indian Red Cross Society (a voluntary humanitarian organisation, and part of International Red Cross Society) to organise a voluntary blood donation camp at ASPL office, Bangalore, India. This was the first event of the 'Week of Service' at ASPL. Held on Monday the 10th June 2013, this event witnessed an active participation from ASPL employees, with the executive leadership & managers, all coming together to donate for a common cause. The event was a great success with 90 employees stepping forward to donate. The active participation from the employees reflects & reinforces ASPL's commitment to our community, our environment and our people.

employees during the week of service

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