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Allstate India Celbrates India's Independence Day

India's 69th Independence Day was celebrated at Allstate India's Bangalore and Pune locations for a week with the theme 'Unity in Diversity', from August 10 to 14. In spite of our diversity, we are still united. The jigsaw puzzle event we organized on the second day of the week put this in perspective. Similar to pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, which when put together form a complete picture, when people from different States come together, they form a nation. Corrective Action team won the competition beating 25 other teams.

Food Fiesta - Potluck

The event was flagged off with Food Fiesta, an all-employee pot luck event. Each major team organized lunch for approximately 50 people, and each participating team decked up their respective stalls to enhance their food presentation. Approximately 500 employees had lunch at the event, and bought lunch, the proceeds of which were later donated to Sankara Eye Hospital.

Food Fiesta - Potluck
Food Fiesta - Potluck

A Treasure Hunt was organized on Day Three. Teams had to crack 10 clues to reach their treasure, and the entire office was abuzz with employees charging down aisles to get to their clues in a bid to get to their clues first. Clues were hidden in physical locations and also in the form of questions in Whatsapp and Facebook.

Day Four gave the entire office a new look. The event for the day — Bay Decoration, spurred teams to think of fancy creative ideas and bring them to life. There were four themes — Bollywood, Kingdoms, Market and Bhoot Bangla (Scary House). Teams created a Dubai gold market, forts of India, a mall, a saloon, depicted milestones in Indian independence and built a scary house which had left some with a spine-chilling experience, albeit with good humour.

Bollywood Bay Decoration.
Bay Decoration

The final day had an unique event in store — Mismatch. Participants were expected to come up with mismatched attires. The event threw up quite an array of mismatches. Someone showed up with their face painted, while another one wore a dhoti over his trouser, and another showed up with a hat and sunglasses worn upside down. The winner went to the extent of wearing sunglasses which had one glass missing, and her attire was mismatched in every sense of the word. The event drew a packed crowd with standing only space in the cafeteria.

Prizes for all events were distributed after the event, marking the end of the Independence Week. It was a week to remember.

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