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Family Day Celebrated at Allstate India

On 5th September 2015, Allstate India (Bangalore) celebrated Family Day. In spite of it being a sweltering hot sunny Saturday, employees of ASPL along with their near and dear ones thronged the beautifully serene Temple Tree Leisure resort to celebrate this occasion, with a lot of joy and unbridled enthusiasm.

ASPL Family Day Celebration

It was only my 3rd week at Allstate but I couldn't help get soaked up in the vibrant festive atmosphere. I had dragged along my wife (despite it being Krishna Janmashtami that day!), as I was admittedly curious as to how 'Allstaters' celebrate this occasion. After the registration (smoothly done, thanks to the energetic and helpful volunteers who were definitely the rock-stars of the day), we had a refreshing welcome drink. I noticed that majority of the crowd headed either to photo booth or 'experience' zone. The photo booth looked interesting — with a car and a house cut out for family snaps. I clowned around with some props, and later I was pleasantly surprised to be gifted a really nice framed photograph along with a key chain.

Things were looking good! The experience zone had nicely laid out flex boards with Allstate stories of pride for the larger population to read. A really thoughtful gesture to share our pride in this company with our family.

After this, we headed to the venue — and to the chat counters where yummy food was laid out. There were about fifteen different games for both kids and adults at the game centre, and at the other end, the MC was going full blast on working the crowd up on their enthusiasm levels, making different groups dance, and activities which definitely worked up their appetite for lunch.

Around 1:00 PM, the cultural started off with a bang. Allegro, the rock band of Allstate went unplugged and had the crowd swaying and screaming for more with their fantastic renditions of different regional songs mixed up with rock songs as well. This was followed by an amazing Bollywood dance performance by the freshers.

Then the Allstate mime team got their act together with a thought-provoking performance, driving home the message of 'We are the Good Hands' to everybody in the crowd. The afternoon heat notwithstanding, the crowd was really pumped up.

A high tempo desi beats dance performance followed — after which Chetan, our MD gave a rousing thank you note to all family members who had braved the heat to participate in the Family Day

By 2:00 pm, the dance floor was open and with the DJ belting out groovy numbers, the crowd start to let their hair down and enjoy themselves. The cabs started leaving, but there were a significant number of folks really getting their groove on at the dance floor.

It was an afternoon well spent for me and I really look forward to more such events at Allstate.

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