ASPL leadership

Leading by listening

The leadership team at ASPL understands that the foundation behind great leadership lies in listening. Our leadership team has built a unique work culture by leading from the front - through example. An open-door policy and concepts such as a leadership hot-seat, allows our employees to offer direct feedback to senior management, and take on a driving role in building the organisation.

Leadership profiles:

  • Chetan Garga, Managing Director
  • Irshan Mohamed, Deputy General Manager IT Operations
  • Sabu Thomas, Chief People Officer
  • KV Gopinath, Head Facilities & Administration
  • Natarajan Chandar, Head - Infrastructure

ASPL Chetan Garga

Chetan has a strong techno-functional background. He plays squash, soccer and table tennis in his spare time.

Chetan Garga

Managing Director, ASPL

Chetan has a strong background in international leadership, financial services and product engineering & services. In the past, Chetan has served as the Senior Vice-President of Wealth Management and Banking at SunGard in India, where he managed teams throughout India, China and Tunis.

He brings over twenty three years of experience in financial services and IT product development to ASPL, and has spent more than fifteen years in building technology solutions across London and Singapore, as well as setting up operations for multi-nationals in India. Chetan holds a Bachelor's degree in computer-engineering from the Mumbai University, and is a Sloan Fellow from the London Business School.

Outside of work, Chetan participates in social initiatives such as micro-finance and supports schools for the under-privileged. He is an active sportsman, and spends his spare time coaching his children in squash, soccer and table tennis. He also enjoys traveling, and sampling wine & cuisines from around the world.

ASPL Irshan Mohamed

Irshan is an expert at setting up global delivery teams for enterprises. He loves the visual-arts, travel and photography.

Irshan Mohamed

Deputy General Manager, IT Operations, ASPL

Irshan has over seventeen years of IT experience in managing, consulting and delivering enterprise IT services. He is vastly experienced in setting up global delivery teams for enterprises, and has demonstrated this ability at various stages in his career. Irshan has significant leadership experience in building multi-cultural, globally integrated, high performance teams.

As the Deputy General Manager, Irshan and his team work very closely with Allstate Technology & Operations to deliver and drive key engineering initiatives in building competency within the enterprise.

In his spare time, Irshan enjoys the visual arts, specifically drawing, painting and photography. He also travels extensively, a passion that he says, fuels his creativity.

ASPL Sabu Thomas

Sabu's strength lies in building global talent pools from scratch. He is also a passionate social activist.

Sabu Thomas

Chief People Officer, ASPL

Sabu is a seasoned Human-Resources professional with twenty two years experience in a variety of national and multinational organisations, including manufacturing and knowledge industries. At ASPL, he plays a key role as a part of the senior leadership team in formulating strategies, structure and systems in building human capital. His key strengths are: building organizations from inception to completion, developing internal leadership competencies through appropriate HR programs, assisting in mergers & acquisitions, and developing appropriate talent acquisition strategies.

When he is not engaged at work, Sabu is a passionate social activist, focused on solving community problems. He currently chairs the Board of the Bangalore Chapter of Unitedway - a multinational philanthropic organization, actively involved in improving the quality of life in it's areas of operation and in creating substantial social change through it's programs.

Prior to joining Allstate Sabu served as the Senior Director, Human-Resources at Century Link India (CTLI).

ASPL KV Gopinath

Gopinath's strength lies in the field of real estate management, procurement, logistics, facilities & administration. He also has a pretty nifty green thumb.

KV Gopinath

Head - Facilities & Administration, ASPL

Gopinath has over twenty-four years of experience in real-estate management, procurement, logistics, facilities management and administration. He empowers cross-functionality across various departments and organisational sectors. In the past, Gopinath has worked in manufacturing & supply chain, IT product development & IT Services, and ITES & BPO segments. Gopinath was instrumental in driving critical initiatives such as site strategy & capacity utilization, operational risk management and Six Sigma projects in his prior roles. In addition, he has spearheaded projects on corporate social responsibility.

During his spare time, Gopinath enjoys the study and practice of agriculture. He is especially interested in organic farming, and spends his time experimenting with new ideas on sustainable cultivation.

ASPL Natarajan Chandar

Chandar's strength lies in Infrastructure and I.S deployment and management. During his spare time, he enjoys music.

Chandar Natarajan

Head - Infrastructure, ASPL

Chandar has over 25 years of rich experience in the IT industry, particularly in the areas of infrastructure and IS. Before this, Chandar was the Senior Director of Infrastructure and Information Security practice at Fidelity Investments and has also worked with brands such as Wipro and Modi Xerox.

Chandar holds a Masters degree in Instrumentation and Control-Engineering from BITS, Pilani.

During his spare time Chandar reads extensively and listens to music. He is also a certified executive coach, and enjoys mentoring and advising young executives.

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