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ASPL employees helping out in the community.


Allstate has a fantastic track record of supporting communities for more than than eight decades. Our corporate social responsibility programs are dedicated not only to do good work, but work that is good.

Allstaters share a common commitment to helping others. Every day, we are focused on three things:

  • Helping people who are our customers
  • Building a business that provides good returns to shareholders
  • Improving our local communities

These commitments come together in our corporate responsibility across the globe. Please read our global Chairman and CEO, Tom Wilson's letter.

Each year, Allstate India strives to help the community around us live and thrive better. This is the third year since our team has been formed, and with each passing year it has gained popularity, not just internally but in the community at large. Each year our initiatives become larger and more complex. Arrangements for these include identifying the right cause, partnering with the right organizations, logistics, encouraging participation, selfless dedication, and a lot more details that we don't even fathom. But our CSR team does!

Allstate India's programs and volunteer efforts include clean-up drives, recycling & energy efficiency drives, planting saplings, helping women be self-sufficient, working with local schools for the underprivileged, and participating in blood donation programs, which are all part of the bigger picture of making our communities better and safer places to live. We work for good.

In addition to the above, over the past one year, intense brainstorming by compassionate employees brought us to to adopt an economically weaker section of our community and create a holistic support and sustenance plan to help people lead a GOOD LIFE.

Read the Allstate India News to know what we have been doing and what we do!

planting a plant

Our corporate social responsibility programs are dedicated to striving to do more than just good work, but work that is good.
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