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Identity Restoration Coverage

Enjoy Peace Of Mind With Identity Coverage.

The threat of identity theft and fraud is real, and it can happen to anyone. In fact, about 8.6 million households in the United States reported an identity theft-related incident in 20101. You can help protect yourself and your family with identity restoration coverage. It's an affordable coverage you can easily add to your existing homeowners policy, or other property policy.

Allstate's identity restoration coverage provides both restorative and preventive services. You'll have unlimited access to fraud specialists from Identity Theft 911®, who can handle everything from proactive fraud alerts to inquiries from creditors.

Get Help Restoring Your Stolen Identity.

If you or your spouse is a victim of identity theft, a fraud specialist will handle the hard work of restoring your identity and helping you get back to normal. Adding identity restoration coverage can cover up to $25,000 of expenses you may have after having your identity stolen. Common expenses include attorney fees or lost wages. Talk to an Allstate agent about how identity restoration coverage can help you.

Protection Before It Happens.

With identity restoration coverage, you and all the members of your household can access Identity Theft 911's suite of identity management services. Highly trained and certified fraud specialists can move quickly to safeguard your identity and lock out thieves when a possible compromise occurs. You can also get assistance with:

  • Changing your name after marriage and notifying creditors
  • Handling divorce-related fraud issues
  • Avoiding tax-related fraud issues and dealing with the IRS
  • Safeguarding your identity while you're on active military duty
  • Recovering lost identification and credit cards while you're traveling
  • Ensuring your sensitive information moves safely with you if you relocate
  • Placing a fraud alert to help keep your personal information from being stolen after a break-in
  • Recovering any lost, stolen or destroyed information after a natural disaster
  • Protecting a deceased person's personal and financial information by systematically notifying credit issuers and securing death certificates

Find an agent to add identity theft restoration coverage to your property policy.

1 Information from the Bureau of Justice Statistics report Identity Theft Reported by Households 2005-2010 (2011).

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