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Policy Declarations

Learn about your home insurance declarations.

A Home Insurance Policy Declarations is the document that outlines the coverage, limits and deductibles you've purchased. You'll receive a new Declarations every renewal period, which is usually every year. You should always read through your renewal to make sure it's accurate, you have sufficient coverage for the things you love and you're up to date on any changes in premium and other important info.

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How to read your home insurance policy declarations

Take a look at the policy declarations below to learn where you can find important information.

Sample Homeowners Insurance Policy Declaration.
  • Policy Period

    Home policies typically cover a one-year period.

  • Location of Property

    This is the address of your insured property.

  • Total Premium

    This is the amount you'll pay for your property's insurance protection for a one-year period and includes all the coverage you've selected.

Sample Homeowners Insurance Policy Declaration.
  • Coverage

    This outlines all the coverage you have as part of your homeowners insurance.

  • Deductibles

    This is the amount you pay out of pocket when you file a claim.

  • Discounts

    Discounts you have are listed in this area.

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Insurance, coverage and discounts are subject to terms and conditions, which may vary by state. Discount amounts and total savings will vary. Other terms, conditions and exclusions may apply.
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