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What Is Personal Property Coverage?

Personal property coverage is the type of insurance that can help protect the items in your home, like your furniture. Your belongings are likely worth much more than you might think, and if they're damaged or lost, personal property coverage could help you cover the cost of replacing them.

Determining The Value Of Your Belongings.

Your home is full of things you love. Taking the time to figure out how much your belongings are worth can help you choose the amount of personal property coverage you need. Walk around your home and note the items that you spent a lot of money on. Taking pictures of these items and keeping receipts and other documents can help you keep track of the value of your stuff. Allstate's Digital Locker is a great tool to help you do just that.

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When it comes to protecting your home, quality coverage makes all the difference. Allstate home insurance can help take care of what matters to you.

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Replacing Your Belongings.

If the personal property listed on your homeowners policy needs to be replaced because of a covered loss, there are two different ways your insurance could help:

  • Actual cash value
    Your belongings are typically covered at fair market value. In other words, replacement cost minus depreciation. For example, your items could be covered for the amount you'd get if you sold them at a yard sale or an online auction website.
  • Replacement cost coverage
    With replacement cost coverage, your insured personal property is typically covered for what it would cost to purchase them new at the time of the claim

Your Allstate agent can help you understand the difference between actual cash value and replacement cost coverage. He or she can also answer any questions you may have about what types of personal property your policy covers.

What Is Scheduled Personal Property?

Scheduled personal property is optional protection you can add to your homeowners policy to cover high-value items. Though personal property coverage helps protect the majority of your belongings, most insurance companies set limits on certain items, like jewelry. For example, your policy may cover a single piece of jewelry that's worth up to $1,000. If you own a $100 necklace that is damaged and needs to be replaced, you're in good shape. If you own a $10,000 necklace, scheduled personal property can help you insure it for more than the $1,000 limit.

Find an agent to discuss how to get scheduled personal property coverage and understand your policy's limits.

Explore Optional Property Coverage.

Allstate homeowners insurance can offer you many types of optional coverage options. If you own items that most people don't, like fine art, talk to an agent about ways you can insure it on your homeowners policy.

Still have questions about personal property coverage? Find an agent to get help understanding all the details.

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