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Flood Insurance Claims

Allstate® Can Help with Your NFIP Claim.

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is run by the federal government. If you purchased a flood policy through an Allstate agency, we can help facilitate your flood insurance claim. Get an overview of the flood claim process here, from filing to receiving your claim settlement.

File a Flood Insurance Claim.

If you purchased flood insurance through an Allstate agency, call 1-800-54-STORM to start your claim.

Or, you can fill out a flood loss claim report online.

Find a Mobile Claim Center.

Allstate deploys mobile claim centers following major flooding events. Find a mobile claim center near you to file a flood claim.

Find a mobile claim center

Steps in the Flood Claim Process

Here are the basic steps you may encounter during a flood insurance claim.

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Step 1: File and Track Your Claim

When you report a flood insurance claim, you'll get a claim number to help track your claim's progress. Contact your flood claim adjuster if you have questions about the status of your claim.

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Step 2: Initial Adjuster Contact

We will contact you to gather claim details and validate your policy. Your adjuster will reach out to schedule a damage inspection, answer questions, review mitigation steps and provide an NFIP claim-handling overview.

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Step 3: Damage Assessment

Your adjuster will take measurements, photos and note direct physical flood damage during the inspection. Extensive damage may require additional visits. Based on the assessment, the adjuster will provide a detailed estimate of flood damage.

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Step 4: Estimate Review and Approval

All estimates are submitted to the NFIP for review and approval. Each estimate is examined for proper estimating standards and policy interpretation.

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Step 5: Proof of Loss and Claim Settlement

You will receive a proof of loss document to sign and submit within 60 days. It includes a detailed estimate of repair costs. Once your signed proof of loss is received, your settlement check will be requested from U.S Treasury funds and sent via U.S. mail.

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Step 6: Request for Additional Payment

If you notice additional flood damage later, you can request another payment on your claim. You must provide the NFIP with a detailed estimate showing room-by-room unit costs for each extra repair (no lump sums). Email additional documentation to with your claim number in the subject line.

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