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When filing a claim for a covered loss, your deductible is the set cost you'll pay before your policy kicks in. Depending on your personal property policy, you may also have a limit, or a maximum amount that Allstate will pay you to repair or replace whatever is damaged or stolen.

More about deductibles

Here are a couple things you should know about deductibles.

  • Not all coverage types will have a deductible
  • A deductible will always apply to Dwelling, Other Structures (if applicable), or Personal Property Coverage
  • Your deductible amount can be found on your policy declarations
  • Usually, choosing a higher deductible means paying a lower premium

More about limits

If you have very valuable belongings, it may be a good idea to increase your limits or add optional coverage. To check your limits, refer to your Policy Declarations under the Coverage and Applicable Deductibles or Scheduled Personal Property section.

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Will your policy pay to replace your belongings?

For the most part, your belongings decrease in value as time passes. Allstate homeowners insurance offers two different types of coverage for your things:

  • Actual cash value
    Covers the cost of replacing your belongings minus depreciation
  • Reimbursement provision
    Covers the cost of replacing your damaged or destroyed belongings with new belongings of the same kind and quality at the time of the claim