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Heartland Monitor IX: A World Nation

June 2011

The ninth installment of the Allstate / National Journal Heartland Monitor series focused on the topic of "A World Nation." The survey uncovered core attitudes and beliefs about the American economy and the potential impacts of a changing American population. Specifically, the survey focused on measuring how Americans of different ethnic and racial backgrounds viewed these issues.

The poll reveals that Americans believe that the country has made progress in recent years in providing equal opportunity to people of all backgrounds. Racial tensions are seen as less of a source of conflict in society than tensions created by income inequality. Read the National Journal feature articles to see how education, hard work and income level are viewed as more significant drivers of one's ability to get ahead than racial or ethnic background.

National Journal feature articles:
Race to The Top (PDF)
Separate but Equal (PDF)

View the Heartland IX data, National Journal editorial supplement, and our press release on the survey.

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