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Insurance protection can help ease your mind when you're faced with the need for medical treatment.

You may have health insurance through your employer, but it may not be enough to cover out-of-pocket expenses associated with health conditions. That's where supplemental health insurance can help. The right coverage can help with doctor bills, hospital stays and even nonmedical expenses like child care and transportation if you're dealing with an accident, disability, cancer or critical illness. It's a simple way to help keep you and your family financially secure.

Fill in the gaps with supplemental health insurance.

Do you need accident, disability, cancer or critical illness coverage? Get a supplemental health insurance quote and discover what each one offers and which is best for you. An Allstate Personal Financial Representative can help you get started.

Provides money to help pay medical costs related to on- or off-the-job accidental injuries.

  • Takes care of medical expenses your employer's health insurance may not cover.
  • You receive cash benefits to help cover out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Pays cash benefits for hospital stays, ambulance bills, dislocations, fractures and more.

Provides a monthly cash benefit when you're unable to work because of illness or injury.

  • Paid directly to you to help pay everyday living expenses such as mortgage, personal assistance, groceries, car payments and other expenses until you are able to work.
  • Most plans cover up to 60 percent of your regular income if you are disabled.
  • Coverage is portable: You keep coverage if you change jobs.

Helps cover the cost of inpatient and outpatient cancer treatments.

  • Helps with costs your primary health insurance doesn't cover.
  • Coverage can include hospital stays, doctor bills, transportation, child care and more.
  • Available for individuals and families, and coverage is renewable for life.

Gives you money to help pay expenses for certain critical illnesses.

  • Covered illnesses can include heart attack, bypass surgery, multiple sclerosis and more.
  • A lump-sum cash benefit paid directly to you helps you pay your bills.
  • An optional Wellness Benefit can be added to help cover the costs of a health screening test.

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