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What you can do to recover and rebuild

Recover losses caused by flooding.
Flood claims

Recover losses caused by wind and hail.
Wind and hail claims

Before you file

Should I file a claim?

After damage to your home, your policy requires you to let us know. If you choose not to file, there’s a risk that you could lose coverage for damage discovered later. Allstate makes it easy to file your claim and get back to normal in no time.

Is there anything I need to know?

Keep in mind these key points before you file a claim:

  • You’ll need to pay any applicable deductibles, or your out-of-pocket expenses, before your home insurance coverage from Allstate will kick in. Go to My Account for more information on your deductibles.
  • Your premium, or the amount you pay for your policy, may increase due to a loss.

What information do I need to file a home insurance claim? What if I don’t have everything I need?

You may need the following to start your claim:

  • Contact information for contractors already involved
  • Notes on what is damaged and the potential cause of damages to your home or personal property
  • Photos of damages
  • Date of occurrence
  • Weather conditions that may have had an impact

Start your claim with any details you have so far. You can always contact your Allstate Claim Representative later through My Account as you gather more information.

What to expect when you file a claim


File and track

After you file, you’ll get a claim number to track its progress.

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Get damage inspected

We’ll work with you to make sure damage is properly assessed.


Review estimate

Your damage estimate and any claim payments are based on the details of your homeowner’s insurance policy.


Get your home repaired

Choose a repair vendor from our Allstate’s Good Hands® Repair Network and we’ll work directly with them throughout the repair process. If you’d prefer, you can also select a contractor outside of our network to handle your repairs.


Receive claim payment

Allstate will either pay your claim directly to repair vendor or send you the money for the estimate.

Was your home affected by a natural disaster? Get the support you need to move forward.

Filing a claim after a natural disaster can feel overwhelming, whether it’s a major storm, hurricane or wildfire. Get support quickly and conveniently with Allstate mobile claims centers. We’re here to help you pick up the pieces.

Mobile claim centers

Home insurance claims FAQS

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