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Safe drivers can save up to 40% by adding Drivewise®

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Drivewise® from Allstate

Drive safely and see how much you can save.

With Drivewise, you can save for safe driving and receive personalized driving insights. We'll reward you with savings just for activating Drivewise in the Allstate® mobile app and continue to reward you with a policy credit every six months for safe driving. It's simple: safe speeds, safe stops and safe driving hours can help drive your insurance costs down. Download the Allstate® mobile app to get started.

Video Transcript

Super: Drivewise Allstate's safe driving tool

Super: welcome to Drivewise

VO: Drivewise, located in the Allstate mobile app, is a safe driving tool that was designed to help keep you safe on the road and reward you for your safe driving.

VO: It provides personalized feedback to help you understand how safe you're diving from week to week.

VO: Like what you see? Here's something else you'll enjoy... savings that start as soon as you sign up and activate Drivewise.

VO: You'll even be eligible to receive ongoing savings and benefits just for driving safely.

VO: One of the best things about Drivewise is that it helps you make improvements on driving at safe speeds...

VO: safe driving hours...

VO: and safe stops.

VO: But just because you're cautious on the road doesn't mean others are.

VO: Luckily, Drivewise has your back with crash detection, giving you quick access to emergency assistance via the Allstate mobile app.

VO: From calling 911 to requesting roadside assistance.

VO:You can even start filing a claim with a tap.

Super: Drivewise is easy to activate

VO: It's that easy and Drivewise is even easier to activate.

VO: Follow these simple steps to activate Drivewise and start saving on everyday safe driving.

Super: step 1 Download the Allstate app

VO: First, download the Allstate app.

Super: step 2 Accept the terms and conditions

VO: Then once in the app, accept the terms and conditions and the permissions for notifications.

Super: step 3 Log in with your MyAccount password

VO: Now it's time to log into your account using your MyAccount password. Don't have one? No worries you can create one quickly and easily.

VO: And if you forgot your username or password, just click on the "Login Help" button.

VO: One thing to note, each person in your household that manages the account will need to log in using their MyAccount password.

Super: step 4 Continue to allow permissions

VO: Next, continue on to allow permissions for motion and fitness, as well as locations services... both are key to providing you with personalized driving feedback.

VO: And if you've already opened the mobile app, then you can click into the Drivewise dashboard to complete your set up.

Super: step 5 Set locations to "Always "

VO: For this step, make sure your locations are set to "Always ". Basically, this ensures that all of your trips are being captured and you'll receive the maximum savings for your safe driving.

Super: step 6 Take a trip

VO: Last up, take a trip and start earning ongoing savings and other benefits

VO: You'll want to get rewarded for driving safely.

VO: that's what Drivewise from Allstate will do for you

Drivewise Features You'll Love

Illustration of tire.


Quickly see how much your safe driving has earned you.

Illustration of bar graph.

Driving Insights

Get family driving insights and real-time audible alerts.

Illustration of tow truck with car.

Crash Detection

A safety feature that can get you in touch with help if you're in a crash.

Illustration of document with locaton pin points.

My Trips

Get personalized feedback and review your driving behavior.

Illustration of foot pressing brake pedal.

My Challenges

Complete safe-driving challenges to earn Allstate Rewards® points.

Illustration of phone with finger swiping.

Phone Activity

See how often you use your phone behind the wheel.

Learn about Drivewise crash detection.

Discover more ways to stay safe, without added cost. When you activate Drivewise, you also get Crash Detection benefits.

If a crash* is detected, you'll receive an immediate app notification offering you help.

Press and hold the notification, or tap it to access these help options:

  1. Call 911
  2. Request roadside assistance
  3. Tell us you're okay or it was a false alarm
  4. Start a claim

*A crash is considered a collision that involves a car moving at 25 mph or greater.

Get Crash Detection with Drivewise in a few simple steps.

  1. Open the Allstate Mobile App
  2. Go to the Drivewise dashboard
  3. Go to settings
  4. Turn on crash detection

That's it. You’re on your way to getting the help you need, when you need it most.

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3

  • Open the Allstate® mobile app.
    Don't have the app? Text ALLSTATEAPP to 25788 to get a link to download.Don't have the app? Download it below.
  • Log in using your My Account ID and follow the prompts.
  • Take a drive and watch your savings add up!

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Drivewise Program Overview

Drivewise is a program from Allstate that measures your safe driving behaviors and rewards you for them. You can save by getting rewarded just for participating and driving safe — the safer you drive, the more you can earn. Drivewise is a free feature available with all auto policies that provides feedback on driving behaviors to give customers personalized, real-time insights into how they can drive more safely. Drivewise is available to customers in 49 states and new and existing customers can enroll in Drivewise through the Allstate® mobile app.

Drivewise Setup

  1. Download the Allstate mobile app onto your smartphone
  2. Accept Terms of Service
  3. Log in using your existing My Account credentials or create an account on the Allstate mobile application by selecting Create Account.
  4. Tap on Drivewise to activate and accept all requested permissions
  5. Enroll drivers (enroll all drivers on the policy to maximize rewards)
  6. Take a trip and drive safe

Each additional enrolled driver must:

  1. Download the Allstate mobile onto their smartphone
  2. Select Activation Code at the bottom of the login page to activate Drivewise and accept all requested permissions
  3. Enter the activation code received via email. If a new activation code is needed, the primary insured on the policy can request a new one in the Allstate mobile app
  4. Take a trip and drive safe

It's an access code that verifies who you are if you are not a named insured on the auto insurance policy. This code is required to activate any additional drivers accounts and is sent via email.

Named Insured: Activation codes are not needed for the named insured(s). Simply log in to the Allstate mobile app using your My Account credentials to activate Drivewise.

Non-Named Insured: An activation code will be sent to you through email. This activation code is required prior to activating Drivewise so the system can verify who you are. If you need a new activation code, the named insured can request a new one in My Account under Drivewise manage drivers section or you can call 877-431-7670.

Activation codes are valid for 30 days. If you need a new activation code, the primary insured can request a new one in My Account under Drivewise manage drivers section or you can call 877-431-7670.

Drivewise Benefits

Drivewise offers crash detection as a free safety feature within the Allstate® mobile app. When the app detects that you may have been in a serious crash—either as a passenger or as a driver—we'll send you a notification through the Allstate mobile app to offer help.

Crash detection technology relies on sensors in your smartphone to detect major collisions when the vehicle is moving at least 25 mph. It won't detect low-impact accidents like fender-benders or being rear-ended.

Immediately following a detected crash, we'll send a notification through the Allstate® mobile app asking you to confirm if a crash has occurred. We'll give you help options including a link to call 911. If you select to call 911, we'll prefill the number, but you still must initiate the call. Other help options include links to 24-hour roadside assistance and to file a claim.

Customers can receive a policy discount for participating in Drivewise and a performance reward based on safe driving. Saving amounts and types of saving vary by state. For more information refer to your policy or contact your local agent.

Drivewise Privacy

The trip route map in the app is seen only by you, the app user. No location services information is available to the people servicing a policy. Information used to evaluate driving performance is viewable to you, your Allstate agent, and customer service representatives who help service your policy.

Location is used to provide your driving feedback to facilitate Drivewise. If location is not enabled and trips are not collected, you can lose out on savings. Setting the location services to "Always On" enables the app to automatically detect when a trip has started.


Apple iOS 13.0 or higher and Android 8.0 or higher.

If you are a Drivewise customer and your new vehicle has been added to your policy, you can continue using Drivewise mobile since it follows you as the operator rather than following the vehicle.

  1. Check to see if your Allstate app is updated with the most recent version by going to your smartphone's app store. If there's an update available, click on it and you should be all set.
  2. Now, you'll want to update your operating system:
    • Apple (iPhone) Users - Go to your smartphone's Settings app and tap General then Software Update. Updating to the most recent software version will help ensure trips are tracked accurately.
    • Android Users - Go to your smartphone's Settings app and tap System then Advanced and System update.
  3. After you login and activate Drivewise, visit the App Diagnostics page within your Allstate App. Next, select the Dashboard then Settings and App Diagnostics to verify there's nothing that requires your attention. If you need to resolve any outstanding issues, please do so.
  4. Take a drive to see if your trips are recording

Note: Do not delete and reinstall the app as there may be some trips that haven't been completely uploaded.

To continue participating in Drivewise, simply download the Allstate mobile app onto your new smartphone and log in using your My Account ID. You will not be able to collect any trips until the app is downloaded.

Your trip history is stored on the smartphone that your trips were originally tracked on, but you can still review your old trips in the Drivewise Dashboard within your My Account page.

There's a few ways you can contact us for support:

Drivewise cannot be activated on a tablet. However, you can still download the Allstate Mobile App on your tablet to view Drivewise activity.

How does the Drivewise program work?

The Allstate® mobile app automatically detects a trip is occurring when:

  • The phone is on with location services enabled and adequately charged—at least 5% battery power
  • iOS: Allow Motion & Fitness and set Location to Always with Precise Location enabled
  • Android: Allow Physical Activity, set Location to Always and turn off Power savings mode (for OS 12, confirm Precise Location is set to On)
  • A vehicle travels at least 15 mph for at least 1 minute - E.g. a drive from home to the local supermarket

No action is necessary on your part to capture a trip. Even if the app is closed in the background, it will detect trips as long as you are in an area with adequate cellular service.

Safe driving behaviors translate into rewards for customers. All new customers who add Drivewise to their auto policy will:

  • Receive a participation discount applied at each renewal, as long as at least one trip is taken within each policy period
  • Have the opportunity to receive a performance reward based on safe driving behaviors, but only after 50 trips are taken by a driver on the policy
  • The amount of people on the policy who are enrolled in Drivewise will directly impact the policy's overall performance reward. Drivewise collectively takes all qualifying drivers' trip information into account when calculating the performance reward. Qualified drivers are those who complete 50 or more trips; enrolling all drivers on the policy will maximize rewards.

The Performance rewards are calculated each term with 12 months of rolling data (six months on the first policy renewal) based on the data below. The impact of an event(s) will depend on the volume of qualified trips taken during the driving period.

  • Safe driving speed (under 80 mph)
  • Braking events (limit sudden stops)
  • Time of day driven (limited late-night trips)
    • High risk: 11:00 p.m. — 4:00 a.m.; weekdays and 11:00 p.m. — 5:00 a.m.; weekends

Phone activity is a Drivewise feature available in the Allstate mobile app that helps you drive safer. It provides insight into when and how often you use your phone while behind the wheel. These insights are not currently used to calculate performance rewards, but are used to provide awareness to distractions and encourage safer driving habits.

The Allstate® mobile app uses similar battery levels as other navigational apps and Allstate recommends charging your smartphone while driving. Some things that may impact battery performance of a smartphone include:

  • Smartphone age and design
  • Drive route and mobile-tower signal strength variations
  • Battery health (you may review your smartphone's battery health/performance in your settings)

Apple iOS users can review their battery activity by:

  • Accessing the Settings App
  • Selecting Battery
  • Scroll down to review Battery usage by App

Android users can review their battery activity by:

  • Accessing the Settings App
  • Selecting Battery
  • Tap the three dots in the top-right corner
  • Tap Battery usage

Since the Drivewise mobile program follows an operator rather than a specific vehicle, the app can detect trips when you are a passenger in a vehicle. The Allstate mobile app does have functionality that will automatically detect different modes of transportation and distinguish between driver and passenger trips. After a trip has ended, trip data will be updated to include a predicted vehicle mode (automobile, train, bus, plane, boat) and, for automobile trips, whether the user was the driver or passenger.

You can update the mode of transportation on the Allstate mobile app by accessing the trip and updating the trip method. Only driver trips will count toward participation and scoring to help customers save more with Drivewise.

  • Log in to the Allstate mobile app
  • Select Dashboard under Drivewise
  • Select View all Trips under My Trips
  • Select Driver to edit trip
  • Update trip method

You can delete trips at any time via the My Trips screen in the Allstate mobile app. Deleted trips do not count toward your driving record or impact performance rewards. To delete a trip:

  • Log in Allstate mobile app
  • Tap Drivewise
  • Select the trip label at the top of your trip details
  • You will see a remove trip option beneath each trip; the app will ask you to provide a reason for each trip you delete

You can also alert your Drivewise program to "sleep" in advance of a trip. Open the Allstate app and tap Profile and Settings, then tap Drivewise to visit your settings screen. Toggle "Drivewise" from Active to Off and an "Auto-Restart" option will appear. Choose the amount of time that you want your Drivewise reporting turned off; Drivewise reporting will turn back on automatically after the allotted time is selected. If you do not select an auto-restart time, you must go back into this menu to start recording trips again.

If the app detects a duplicate trip for two operators on a single policy, only one trip will be counted toward the policy's performance score. The trip is automatically counted for the driver who has fewer total trips in a six-month period.

The Allstate® mobile app is designed to use the least amount of data possible. The data is only uploaded at the end of each trip when the smartphone is connected to the internet (Wi-Fi or cellular).


Drivewise is optional. Savings based on Drivewise and other safe driving discounts. Savings may vary by state & driving behaviors. Subject to terms, conditions and availability. Use of Allstate Mobile with activation of Drivewise is required. No quote or purchase of insurance necessary to participate in Allstate Rewards; rewards unavailable in NY. Allstate Rewards points vary based on specific behaviors.

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