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Drivewise® FAQs

General Program

1. What is Drivewise and how can it benefit me?

Drivewise is a program from Allstate that uses an app to reward your safe driving with both cash and Allstate Rewards® points. Plus, you will get an ongoing discount off your auto insurance premium just for staying active in Drivewise.

2. How does Drivewise identify and reward safe driving?

The Drivewise app analyzes your speed, braking and the time of day you drive. The smarter you drive and the more drivers on a policy who are enrolled, the more cash and Allstate Rewards points you earn.

3. What rewards can I get for safe driving?


  • Get 3%1 off your auto insurance premium just for getting started and keep the discount as long as you remain active in Drivewise.
  • Earn cash back after your first 50 trips and every six months thereafter based on your safe driving
  • Choose how to redeem your cash2:
    • Check
    • Policy credit
    • Shop at allstaterewards.com3

1May vary by state. In North Carolina, discount and cash back will not be applied to any premium for liability coverage ceded to the North Carolina Reinsurance Facility.
2Cash redemption is available only as a policy credit for NC residents.
3WA residents unable to redeem cash on

  • Get 10,000 Allstate Rewards points just for getting started
  • Earn hundreds of points weekly and redeem them for savings on brands you know and love at
4. How do I enroll in Drivewise and when am I able to start earning rewards?

Here's how Drivewise works:

  • Call your Allstate agent to sign up
  • Download the app and enable location services on your phone
  • Get in the car and drive. The app will automatically detect when you are driving and you'll start earning rewards for your safe driving behaviors.
5. How is the driving behavior performance calculated?

The Performance Rating combines information from your driving behavior with an overall profile that is used to calculate your Performance Rating score. The information collected includes:

  • Driving time of day
  • Hard and extreme braking
  • Speeds at or above 80 mph
One event is unlikely to have a significant effect on your score. For example, we understand that braking may be necessary to avoid an accident. However, a pattern of frequent hard braking could affect your Performance Rating.

6. Will participation in Drivewise make my rates go up?

No — Drivewise will not increase your rates. Drivewise helps you be aware of your driving habits and rewards you for driving safely.

7. How does the Drivewise app know a trip is occurring? Do I need to interact with it while driving?

The Drivewise app automatically detects a trip is occurring when:

  • The phone is on with location services enabled and adequately charged (at least 25% battery power) and
  • A vehicle travels at least 20 MPH for a short distance
No action is necessary on part of the customer to capture a trip. Even if the app is closed in the background, it will detect trips.

8. How does the Drivewise app affect my phone's battery life?

The Drivewise app consumes similar levels of battery charge as other navigational apps. As with many navigational apps, Allstate recommends phones be plugged in to charge while driving. There are many variables that may affect battery performance of a phone:

  • Phone age and design
  • Drive route and mobile-tower signal strength variations
  • Battery health, etc.
9. How does the Drivewise app impact mobile phone data plans?

The Drivewise app is designed to use the least amount of data possible. The data is only uploaded at the end of each trip when the phone is connected to the internet (Wi-Fi or cellular). Each trip uses about 6KB. That is the equivalent to about 1/5 of the amount of data used when sending an email, about 1/100 the amount of data used when sending an email with an attachment, about 1/200th the amount of data used when viewing a webpage, and about.7% the amount of data use when using Facebook.

10. What operating systems are compatible with the Drivewise app?

The Dirvewise app is compatible with Android 4.4 or higher and iOS 8 or higher.

Your Privacy

11. What information does Drivewise collect?

The app collects information that enables calculation of safe driving behaviors associated with speed, braking and driving time of day. You'll be notified in advance if we plan to change the data we use to evaluate your driving.

12. Who can see my Drivewise information?

The trip route map viewable in the app is seen only by you, the app user. No location services information is available to the people servicing a policy. Information used to evaluate driving performance is viewable to you, your Allstate agent and customer service representatives who help service your policy.

Drivewise Customer Support Information

13. Who can I contact for Drivewise Support?

Call the Drivewise Customer Team at 877-431-7670 or email Support is available 7.00p.m. (CT), Monday through Friday.

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