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Drivewise® from Allstate

Get rewarded for safe driving.

You can receive personalized driving feedback and earn savings on your policy for your everyday safe driving with Drivewise.

You can also get a discount just for signing up. Then, you can save even more every six months for your safe driving.

How to earn

  • Safe Speeds: Keep speed below 80 mph
  • Safe Hours: Limit late-night trips
  • Safe Stops: Limit hard braking
  • Low Mileage: Skip the long trips

What you earn

  • Save up to 10% when you sign up
  • Save up to 30% every six months for your everyday safe driving
  • Allstate Rewards® points for completing safe driving challenges

How do I sign up?

  • Call your Allstate agent to enroll each vehicle on your policy.
  • Accept the user agreement.
  • Check your mailbox — we'll send you a plug-in device to install in your vehicle.
  • Drive safely and watch your rewards add up! Plus, don't miss out on maximizing your Drivewise rewards. Each vehicle enrolled in the program will contribute to your overall savings.

How do I install the Drivewise device?

  • Find your car's diagnostic port. It's usually located near the steering column, most likely under the dashboard. Use our locator guide for extra help.
  • When your car is turned off, plug the device in. If the device's light is flashing, you're good to go.

How do I review my performance?

The Drivewise app on a mobile phone shows driving performance, trips, rewards and more.

Simple. Sign up or log in to My Account and view your driving progress and personalized feedback on your Drivewise dashboard. You can also use the Allstate® mobile app to view your performance.

Make car maintenance easier

Someone holding car steering wheel with check engine light on.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Now Drivewise® can help you understand your vehicle's diagnostics that require your attention. You'll be able to view the severity of the problem, get repair estimates, and make an appointment with a local mechanic if your car requires service.

Drivewise FAQ

Drivewise is a part of your auto insurance policy and rewards you with both savings and Allstate Rewards® points for the smart driving you do every day.

The Performance Rating is calculated each term with 12 months of "rolling" data (six months on the first policy renewal) based on the following characteristics:

  • Safe speed (under 80 mph)
  • Braking (minimal abrupt stops)
  • Time of day (limited late-night trips)
  • Mileage (under 18,000 miles)

Information used to evaluate driving performance (speed, braking, time of day, mileage) is viewable to you, your Allstate agent and customer service representatives who help service your policy. No location services information is available to the people servicing a policy.

Call the Drivewise customer support team at 877-431-7670 or email

The Drivewise plug-in device is available in AK, FL, and IN. Feature is optional. Subject to terms, conditions and availability. Savings based on driving behavior.

No quote or purchase of insurance necessary to participate in Allstate Rewards. Allstate Rewards points vary based on specific behaviors. Smartphone and download of Allstate® mobile app may be required to participate. Allstate Property and Casualty Insurance Co. & Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Co. & their affiliates: Northbrook, IL.© 2018 Allstate Insurance Company.

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