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Supply Chain Diversity

Diversity Benefits Business And Society.

Small and diverse businesses are the engine of the American economy and when these businesses succeed, communities gain economic strength and benefit from the jobs, training and the support they provide. In the long run, strong and vital communities create wealth for their citizens and eventually, demand for Allstate products.

To help fuel small business growth, Allstate established a supplier diversity program that actively seeks out diverse suppliers and invites them to compete for procurement opportunities.

Established in 2003, the program is led by a dedicated, full-time senior-level executive. Additionally, the program is integrated across all levels of the organization and tied to performance evaluation for many of our procurement managers. All leaders are required to provide their suppliers an opportunity to compete for our business. If the suppliers accept, they enter Allstate's rigorous procurement process alongside all competing vendors. And if they win, they win on their merits.

Allstate uses criteria established by the Small Business Association to define and target diverse suppliers.

Progress is measured using the targeted spend in the first three categories listed below, as well as the inclusive spend in all 12 categories identified by the Small Business Association as diverse and of special interest in meeting statutory obligations.

These include:

Our membership with select organizations helps us to identify successful practices in supplier diversity, conduct national benchmarking and connect with diverse suppliers at a variety of forums. Allstate is a member of the National Minority Business Council, Women Business Enterprise National Council and the National Hispanic Corporate Council.

Allstate also accepts self-certification through our supplier registration portal:

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