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Employee Resource Groups

Across Allstate, employees help our business, connect with each other and build relationships through Employee Resource Groups – organizations of employees with common interests that are officially recognized by the company. Groups are formed along special interests but are open to all employees.

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To provide an open forum where employees with a shared interest aspire, develop and collaborate to reach their highest potential, represent Allstate in our communities and serve as a key resource to the company for specific consumer, employee and agent insights.


Empowered employees that help the company grow by leveraging the strength of our diversity.

The Allstate Asian American Network (3AN) educates and shares Asian insights that can help Allstate tap into the full potential of its Asian employees, partners and customers. We strive to leverage the diverse experiences of Asian Americans at Allstate to create value and develop leaders of tomorrow through professional development, networking, cultural awareness and knowledge sharing.
The Allstate Adoption Network (AAN) mission is to provide information, education, and support to Allstate employees who are prospective adoptive parents and/or adoptive parents of domestically and/or internationally adopted children.
The African American Working Network (AAWN) is an evolving group. Our group speaks to the career life changes of all men and women and strives to close knowledge gaps by sharing our experiences, leveraging each other's strengths, and improving our opportunities through Performance, Image and Exposure.
The Allstate Veterans Engagement Team and Supporters (AVETS) purpose is to provide employees, spouses, siblings, and supporters of veterans with a forum to gather with other employees who hold common interests, identities, and/or topics related to veterans.
Building on the strength of women, the Allstate Women's "I" Network (AWIN) creates empowered connections to drive personal growth and Allstate's success.
Allstate PRIDE's mission is to promote a positive and inclusive work environment for employees, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity by providing opportunities for education, networking and workplace collaboration. By encouraging a safe, open and honest business environment and promoting this vision of equality through community involvement, we can help increase Allstate's opportunity to become a preferred insurer and employer within the LGBTQIA community.
Parents Working Together (PWT) provides an open forum to share challenges, milestones and advice about how to balance work and family. We are focused on advocating on behalf of all working parents at Allstate and providing a support system through networking and information sharing. Our vision is to educate, communicate and leverage resources, to ensure employees will be successful without compromising family life or professional commitment.
The Professional Latino Allstate Network (PLAN) Professional Latino Allstate Network (PLAN) mission is to become a trusted advisor for Allstate in advancing Latino talent to drive business results.
The Young Professionals Organization (YPO) Professional Latino Allstate Network (PLAN) mission is to help grow and leverage talent by providing development, networking and leadership opportunities for motivated young professionals, support our business by sharing young professional and consumer insights, and build the company's reputation by representing Allstate in our communities.

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