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Employee Resource Groups

Empowered Employees Help Us Grow.

The diversity of our employees is one of Allstate's greatest strengths. It is our mission to provide our employees with a safe, open outlet to connect with other colleagues who share like-minded interests and backgrounds. Our employee resource groups help staff build relationships with one another and offer a community for employees to share common interests, aspirations and collaborate together.

Learn more about the employee resource groups at Allstate in the ERG Annual Report*.

Allstate Asian American Network (3AN)

3AN leverages the diverse experiences of Asian Americans at Allstate to create value and develop leaders of tomorrow through professional development, networking, cultural awareness and knowledge sharing.

African American Working Network (AAWN)

AAWN is focused on the career life changes for all men and women and strives to close knowledge gaps by sharing experiences, leveraging each other's strengths and improving opportunities through performance, image and exposure.

Allstate Veterans Engagement Team and Supporters (AVETS)

AVETS offers a forum for employees, spouses, siblings and supporters of veterans to share their common interests, identities and support relating to enhancing and improving opportunities for veteran employees, expanding into veteran marketplaces and expanding community outreach.

Allstate Women's "'I" Network (AWIN)

AWIN is committed to building on the strength of women by creating empowered connections to drive personal and professional growth.

Allstate Foster and Adoption Network (FAN)

FAN's mission is to provide information, education and support to Allstate employees who are looking to adopt and/or to parents who have already fostered or adopted children either domestically or internationally.

Allstate PRIDE

The mission of Allstate PRIDE is to create a positive, inclusive work environment for employees, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. It is our goal to establish equality and a safe, open and honest business environment.

Professional Latino Allstate Network (PLAN)

The goal of PLAN is to become a trusted advisor for Allstate in advancing Latino talent to drive business results.

Parents Working Together (PWT)

PWT provides an open forum for working parents to share challenges, milestones and advice about how to balance work and family. Our vision is to educate, communicate and leverage resources so that employees may successfully strike a work-family life balance

Young Professionals Organization (YPO)

YPO is dedicated to helping grow and leverage young talent by providing development, networking and leadership opportunities for motivated, young professionals.

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