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Community Diversity

Allstate Agents Are Your Neighbors.

Communities are more than where you live and work. They're nurturing environments where people should feel a sense of security, belonging and commitment. That's why Allstate employees and agents are actively involved in their local neighborhoods and communities.

As they interact with customers, agents find themselves face-to-face with their neighbors during times of need. The close-ties and understanding of their local communities help Allstate agents to respond to these situations not only professionally, but also with a personal touch.

As vested members of their local cities and towns, agents are able to closely connect to their customers and lend a sympathetic ear to those who have suffered setbacks and tragedies. They also help their communities flourish by contributing personal time and resources to local causes they believe in.

Learn more about Allstate's Social Responsibility commitments and how The Allstate Foundation is helping local communities prosper.

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