Natural Catastrophe Preparedness

Natural catastrophes are the ultimate moment of truth for Allstate, our customers and our communities. We empower customers with the tools not just to recover from loss, but to help prevent it from happening. Our agency owners are actively involved in educating consumers about how they can protect their homes from extreme weather events, wildfires and other catastrophes.

Information and advice

Looking for information on what to do when a tornado approaches? Want to know how to prevent ice build-up on a roof after a heavy snow? Need tips on how to safely drive a motorcycle? Allstate’s Be Aware and Prepare website provides easy-to-use, hands-on advice on a wide range of safety topics. Allstate agents also appear on radio and television to promote safety and disaster preparedness strategies. Here is Allstate agency owner Pete Fernandez sharing cold-weather tips on Chicago’s WGN: View video

Disaster preparedness kit workshops

What do families need to survive a major disaster—an extended power blackout, for instance, or a hurricane, tornado or flood? The Federal Emergency Management Agency reports that 85 percent of Americans are not prepared for potential disasters. To help more people prepare for disasters, The Allstate Foundation is a founding supporter of Good & Ready, a collaborative disaster-preparedness initiative, convened by Points of Light, designed to help more Americans prepare themselves, their neighbors and their communities for a disaster.

In 2013, the Foundation and Points of Light equipped 5,500 families and personally educated more than 10,000 people in 14 cities in assembling their own disaster preparedness kits. The kits included items like a hand-crank radio/flashlight, water bottle, dust mask, garbage bags and hand sanitizing wipes among other items.

At events across the country, Good & Ready representatives educated people about what they would need in case of disaster and provided a fill-in-the-blanks household emergency plan and cards to download, print and keep close to hand.

Protecting people in high-risk areas

Allstate helped form and lead, a public voice addressing natural catastrophe preparation and recovery policies. The coalition advocated for special catastrophe funds to aid recovery and rebuilding in the event of disaster, as well as better prevention and mitigation through stronger building codes. was a strong advocate for the Homeowners and Taxpayers Protection Act of 2013, which would use money from private insurance premiums to finance catastrophe-loss funds and disaster prevention and mitigation programs. Protecting raised awareness of disaster preparedness issues through media events accompanying the bill, and drew attention to the start of hurricane season and the first anniversary of Superstorm Sandy.

Supporting research into safety issues

Understanding extreme weather and other hazardous events can help policyholders prepare for them better. Allstate works closely with the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) to gain insights into common household risks and share them with policyholders.

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