Community Involvement

Our employees and agency owners are a force for good in the communities where they live and work, volunteering their time and donating their money to local organizations that make life better for everyone. We support their efforts, making community involvement an integral part of our culture through workplace giving and volunteering programs.

Allstate contributed $29 million to a broad range of organizations

Allstate, The Allstate Foundation and its employees and agency owners gave a total of $29 million in 2013 to local community organizations.

Employees and agency owners support local nonprofits 

In 2013, half of Allstate employees and agency owners participated in the Allstate Giving Campaign, contributing $5.8 million, including Allstate’s match. The Giving Campaign matches 15 cents for every dollar donated by employees and agency owners to local and national nonprofits. The company adds an additional five cents to the local United Way, and covers all administrative costs associated with the campaign.

Beyond the Giving Campaign, in 2013 286 employees and agency owners raised $56,180 (including the company match) for Oklahoma tornado survivors. The Allstate Foundation made an additional $25,000 grant to a local nonprofit in Oklahoma City.

Nearly two-thirds participate in corporate responsibility

Sixty-five percent of our employees and agents got involved in some aspect of our corporate responsibility programs during the year, whether by donating funds through the giving campaign or volunteering their time.

Allstate leverages its knowledge and resources

We also contribute our institutional resources to community projects, bringing together the experience, the people, the leadership, the intellectual capital and the alliances that can enhance people’s well-being and prosperity. For instance, Allstate donated the pro bono time and expertise of its employees to develop a framework for the Get In Chicago initiative against urban violence.

We make long-term commitments to important issues

Our two signature programs—Teen Safe Driving and Domestic Violence—have been in place for nearly a decade. While many corporate organizations change their priorities year by year, our focus, patience and commitment to measurable results have yielded impressive progress in addressing two vexing social issues.

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