Corporate Contributions to State Candidates and Committees

Corporate contributions

As noted earlier in this report, Allstate contributed approximately 2.5% of its total public policy expenditures of nearly $14 million dollars to state candidates for public office, political parties, political committees, and other entities organized and operating under 26 U.S.C. Section 527. Allstate’s support in this area totaled $347,900.

PAC contributions and grassroots lobbying

ALLPAC and MIALLPAC Contributions

The Allstate Insurance Company Political Action Committee (ALLPAC) is a voluntary, nonpartisan political action committee (PAC) comprising eligible individual employees. Participation in ALLPAC is voluntary, and the decision whether or not to participate does not affect an employee’s status in any way. These personal contributions support candidates for federal and state office who support the competitive marketplace and understand and bring attention to the issues of importance to our industry generally, and the Allstate group of companies specifically. In 2013, ALLPAC had 334 members, contributing a total of $291,373 in 2013, with an average contribution of approximately $872 per participant.

ALLPAC contributions to candidates are governed by a board of directors composed of company officers. Candidates receiving PAC contributions must demonstrate one or all of the following: a commitment to free enterprise and a competitive marketplace; sound judgment on issues of concern to our industry; a supportive voting record; and viability as a candidate.

During 2013, ALLPAC contributed a total of $322,160 to state and federal candidates for public office as well as political committees. Of that total, 34% supported Democratic candidates and committees, 64% supported Republican candidates and committees, and 2% supported nonpartisan committees.

The Michigan Allstate Insurance Company Political Action Committee (MIALLPAC) is a Michigan-only PAC funded by eligible Allstate employees, and abides by the same practices and procedures as ALLPAC. During 2013, MIALLPAC had seven members who contributed a total of $6,354 in 2013, with an average contribution of $907 per participant.

Grassroots Lobbying

Allstate leverages an intranet-based system called Take Your Stand, as a means to engage interested agency owners and employees through grassroots activism on important public policy initiatives. In 2013, the company spent $35,995 for vendor services to administer and host this online communication portal. Through this platform, Allstate agents and employees are able to communicate directly with elected federal and state officials on public policy matters that are important to Allstate and our customers. Participation in Take Your Stand activism is completely voluntary. In 2013, more than 21,400 Allstate agents and employees sent more than 4,000 advocacy messages to 492 elected state and federal officials.

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