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While Allstate’s operations have a much lower impact on the environment than those of an industrial or manufacturing company, we are very conscious of our footprint and continually strive to reduce it.

Climate Change

In 2013, we began work on a new climate change statement, defining our management approach to one of the most critical environmental issues of our era. Our Sustainability Leadership Team, along with other company leaders, engaged in an extensive and careful review of this statement, which can be found in full here.

In addition, we continued to pursue green initiatives in energy use, emissions and waste reduction, balancing environmental stewardship with our organization's
pursuit of strategic growth, profitability and customer satisfaction.

Green buildings

Embedded in our design and construction standards are numerous energy-efficient and sustainable practices, from the incorporation of recycled and renewable resource materials to the utilization of low-flow plumbing fixtures and ENERGY STAR ­–rated appliances. The purchase of locally sourced materials and equipment minimizes cost and fuel usage for freight. We use low-emission paints, adhesives and sealants to preserve air quality during and after construction. Energy-efficient heating, cooling and lighting systems not only reduce energy usage but provide a more comfortable, productive work environment. We also recycle construction waste and debris.

Allstate currently has three buildings in our portfolio that are LEED-certified. The Rochelle Data Center in Illinois achieved LEED for New Construction GOLD certification in February 2010 from the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). The Chubbuck, Idaho, Call Center achieved LEED for Core & Shell SILVER certification in February 2012 and LEED for Commercial Interiors certification in January 2013. F Tower building at Home Office also achieved LEED for Commercial Interiors for the renovation of floors 7-9.

Last year, we continued to align our real estate holdings with Allstate’s operations and business needs, looking for opportunities to consolidate wherever possible. In one significant transaction, we sold five buildings at our Dallas campus and leased them back. As a result, we have removed roughly a half-million square feet of real estate from our owned portfolio this year; however, since we are still occupying the same space as a renter rather than an owner, the transaction had no impact on our actual environmental footprint.

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