What's in your policy?

When you purchase Allstate® Condo Insurance, you'll receive Allstate Condo Policy Declarations. This document "declares" the choices you've made for your condo insurance policy, including:

  • Coverages
  • Deductibles
  • Coverage limits

You'll receive a new Allstate Condo Policy Declarations before renewal every year. Log into My Account to view your Allstate insurance policies. It's always a good idea to check your policy declarations to make sure all the information is correct.

Sample condo insurance policy declarations

Here's an example of an Allstate Condominium Policy Declarations with an overview of some of the key information in it.

The sample declarations document below shows where you can find your:

A) Total Premium
B) Location and Property
C) Policy Period information

Condo insurance policy declarations 
letter a 

Total premium

This is the total premium you will pay for the policy period.

letter b 

Location of property

This is the street address of the property that is insured.

letter c 

Policy period

Condo policies typically cover a one-year period. Pay your premium by the due date, and your policy automatically continues for the time period shown.

Your condominium policy declarations will also state your coverages, liability limits and deductibles

The sample page below shows where you can find your:

D) Coverages
E) Limits of Liability
F) Deductibles
G) Type of Personal Property coverage

Condo insurance policy declarations page 2 
letter d 


This shows all the coverages you have as part of your condo insurance.

letter e 

Limits of liability

The policy limits section shows the maximum limit Allstate will pay for each covered loss*, for each type of coverage.

letter f 


A deductible is the amount you pay out of pocket when you file a claim for a covered loss*. Your policy's deductibles will be shown under each coverage

letter g 

Personal property

This shows whether you've chosen actual cash value or the reimbursement provision.

* What does "covered loss" mean? It's an insurance term that means a loss that falls within the bounds of the policy. Throughout this guide, when we refer to a loss, we assume it is a covered loss.

Questions? Want to make changes? Call your local Allstate agent or 1-800-ALLSTATE.