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What is collectibles insurance?

While your one-of-a-kind collection may be in a safe spot, the unexpected can happen. A collectibles insurance policy offers protection for the value of your collection.

Protection for a variety of collections

Policies are available for a wide range of collections, including but not limited to:

  • Arms & Armor
  • Artifacts
  • Coins, paper currency & medals
  • Collector cars (display only)
  • Comic books and art
  • Fine art (textiles, oil on canvas, sculptures, etc.)
  • Fine wine
  • Firearms (antique & modern)
  • Historical documents
  • Jewelry (vintage & modern)
  • Memorabilia (sports, movie, militia, etc.)
  • Trading cards
  • Figurines

Items with non-market value and items for everyday use do not qualify for collectibles insurance.

Coverage for different kinds of collectors

Eligible collectors with qualifying items worth at least $15,000 can own a policy, and there is no value maximum.

In addition to personal policies, commercial offerings are available for dealers, art galleries, artists, auction houses, museums, and corporate collections.

Collectibles insurance FAQs