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When you need to file a renters insurance claim, Allstate makes the process as fast and easy as possible.

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Claims process

Simple steps to file a renters insurance claim

The claim process will vary based on the extent of damage, but here’s what to generally expect:


File and track your claim

After you file a renters insurance claim, you’ll get a claim number to track its progress.

file a claim


Damage assessment

We’ll review either an itemized list or photos of any damaged personal belongings, such as clothes and furniture. This helps us determine the value of your items.


Review estimate

We’ll send you details about your claim settlement. Your damage estimate and any claim payments are based on the terms and coverage of your renters insurance policy.


Receive claim payment.

We’ll share details of your settlement and any payments made to parties involved. Log in to My Account and visit the Claim Center to select your payment method.

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