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Property Insurance Claims
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Property Insurance Claim Facts & Information

Where Do I Start? What Do I Need?

Before anything else, we will review your policy to determine how it applies to your claim. We can also answer your questions about which damages are covered and which deductibles, if any, you'll have to pay. With that information, you can decide how to move forward. Allstate has different departments that specialize in specific kinds of insurance claims. So you can rest assured that your claim will be handled by professionals who thoroughly understand it.

What If I Don't Have All the Information Needed to Report a Claim, or the Facts of the Claim Change?

Remember that you will work with an Allstate claim representative throughout the claim process, so you'll have plenty of opportunity to provide additional information. What's most important is to report your claim as soon as possible, even if you don't have all the information. The sooner you report your claim, the sooner we can start working with you on it. You can contact your claim representative again at any time if you find additional damage or new information.

Do I Need to Schedule an Estimate?

In some cases, we can estimate the damages without visiting your home. If not, we can schedule a claim adjuster to visit your home. Also, at your request, we may provide the names of local contractors who participate in our vendor referral program.

When we schedule appointments, we try to minimize any inconvenience for you. In most cases, when one of our technically qualified adjusters completes a physical inspection of your home, they will provide you with an estimate at that time.

Will I Need to Show Proof of Ownership for Property Stolen from My Home?

Yes. Providing any of the following will help support your claim: receipts, owners' manuals, warranty cards, appraisals, photographs or original manufacturer's boxes. If you previously completed a Home Inventory, this information may help speed up the claim process. Create your own electronic home inventory.

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