Allstate helps fight insurance fraud.

This woman is actually the victim of a staged accident scam. The criminal driver hopes to collect an insurance payout, even though he caused the accident.

Allstate helps fight insurance fraud.

Allstate employs innovative technology and over 600 faud specialists to combat this crime and keep premiums low.

Allstate fights fraud everyday. So can you.

Fraud Protect You

Allstate Helps Protect You

Allstate employs more than 600 fraud specialists who proactively flag suspicious activities, analyze questionable claims, and prevent fraudulent payouts. Through the use of innovative technologies and network analysis tools, we are able to help detect and stop these crimes before they harm you and your premiums.

Explore Allstate's fraud fighting methods

Fraud Hurts Everyone

Fraud Hurts Everyone

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations, insurance fraud is the second most costly white-collar crime in America, and accounts for more than $30 billion in losses every year. Unfortunately for consumers, that huge sum may get passed on to honest people like you in the form of higher insurance premiums.

Learn how insurance fraud affects premiums

Fraud Protect Yourself

Protect Yourself from Fraud

With the right information, you can help stop insurance fraud in its tracks. Learn what to look for, who to watch out for, and what you can do to stop fraud.

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What should you do whenever you valet park?

Not a bad idea.
A little exercise never hurts. Let's just hope everyone wore comfortable shoes. The correct answer is that you should give the valet a spare key.
Excellent choice!
Allstate recommends that you give the person who parks your car a single "valet key" and lock up important items-including your insurance info.
Give them only a spare key - never your entire keychain.

You get into an auto accident. Without being called, a tow truck driver arrives at the scene and hands you business cards for a doctor and a mechanic he "recommends". What do you do?

Good idea.
It's possible the truck driver wants to set you up or overcharge you.
Bad idea.
The driver arrived without being called and the people he recommends could be part of a scam.
Good idea.
It's possible the truck driver wants to set you up for a scam.

How much does the FBI estimate insurance fraud costs American people and businesses every year?

It's $30 billion.
It's $30 billion.

How much does fraud increase the average household's auto insurance premiums?

It's actually $200-300 every year.
It's actually $200-300 every year.

What should you document after an auto accident?

Document everything immediately after the accident.
Take photos of all damage immediately after the accident.
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