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Customer Claims Stories
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Allstate Customer Comments

Notes From Our Claims Customers

Each day across America, thousands of people turn to us after an unexpected event. And our Good Hands are always
there to make things right. Here are just a few of their real stories.

Auto Claims Comments

Semi-tractor Trailer Scare (8/1/10)
On my way to work I was clipped by a semi-tractor trailer that sent my car spinning and I was hit by several other vehicles on the road. My car was totaled, but I was able to walk away from the accident with injuries that were not life threatening. Right before the accident, I had been looking into other insurance companies, looking to save a few bucks. After the accident, Sharon contacted me. From the start, she was caring, understanding, showed the right amount of empathy and was very patient and cooperative with me. During this time there were other things going on in my life (school aged children, taking care of both my quadriplegic mother and grandmother with Alzheimer's) and she was so very patient with me throughout this process. She called to see how I was doing and explained each part of the process as it began. Even when things were stagnant because we were waiting on information to move forward, she called to let me know the status. Sharon has been professional beyond the word. While I pray that I will never be in such a situation again, I also know that if I stay with Allstate, I am definitely in good hands.

- Kecia, Maryland, submitted 8/1/10
Claim Process Smooth and Efficient (7/28/10)
Your claim process is astonishingly smooth and efficient! The claim rep in the Phoenix office was caring, concerned and gave me full details in a non-rushed, professional manner. Further, I frankly did not expect the offer to repair my car and the deductible was manageable. The car was left at the same body shop where the inspection was made yesterday. Why? They were caring, professional and extremely efficient. I was put in a rental car less than a few moments after the inspection. Wow! It's a good feeling not to be worried.

- Fred, Arizona, submitted 7/28/10
Auto Claim Above and Beyond (6/10/10)
I want to thank you, and all the folks I spoke with last Monday regarding my claim. Everyone went above and beyond my expectations. All of you totally amazed me with your professionalism, dedication and thoroughness allowing me to have my claim check in hand and on my way to repair shop in less than 24 hours. AWESOME!

- Judy, Illinois, submitted 6/10/10
First Accident? Allstate Is There
I recently experienced my first accident and my Ford truck was a total loss. I was miserable and upset with myself, along with extremely nervous about contacting Allstate about the accident. From the moment Allstate answered the phone and continuing on through to the day I received a settlement check I was indeed in "Good Hands". The very first operator I talked to put me at ease and placed a confidence in my mind that all would go well. This continued with the adjuster, then with the medical representative, on through to the total loss processor. I cannot say enough praise about the team of people that treated me so kind, respectful and with honest concern of my welfare in every aspect. I actually feel like I have made new friends with Scott, Brenda and Delores. Even Betty who just filled in by answering the phone to field a question I had was great. The prompt quality of service and true care is a credit to your slogan. The way each process I went through was handled and explained, allowed me to come away from this (not so) bad experience with a feeling of fairness on both sides. A result that will allow me to sleep well tonight knowing I didn't get "handled" by, or "steal" from my insurance company. When my father moved us away from Illinois in the late sixties, he took Allstate with him, and fortunately passed his good judgment (in insurance anyway) on to his kids.

- Greg, Arkansas, submitted 2/19/10
Bilingual Customer Speaks To An Understanding Claim Representative
First of all, I appreciate that Allstate has Spanish speaking representatives. I speak English but felt more comfortable talking about my accident in my own language - I was so upset. I wanted to compliment Jacob on the excellent customer service he offered me today in setting up my claim. He was very patient and polite and answered all my questions. I have never had someone give me such great service.

- Tallmedge, submitted 5/12/10
Vintage Car Damaged On Accident Looks New Again With Help From Allstate Adjuster
Just wanted to tell you about the outstanding service we received from Dave. We brought in a 1972 Cadillac Deville for a paint damage inspection. Dave was there before our scheduled appointment. He was friendly, professional: making us feel he was working for a mutually satisfactory solution. He checked to see if an easier, faster, less expensive solution was possible; finding it was not, he authorized the claim to paint the hood and the trunk. The body shop did a perfect job of matching the paint, and we are very pleased. Please, once again, thank Dave for the exceptional service provided.

- Carole and Robert, Minnesota, submitted 5/24/10
Allstate Helps Customers Promptly Get Back On Their Feet
I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with Garry and his promptness and his caring shown to us during a very trying situation. We had a wild animal destroy our van five days before we were scheduled to leave on a much needed vacation. Garry was very prompt in getting the estimate and getting the claim processed so that I was able to get the settlement check and get another vehicle prior to leaving on my vacation. We have a three-year-old that has had four organs transplanted and we can not be without a vehicle because you never know when an emergency trip to the hospital that is an hour and a half away from us might be necessary. Because of Garry and Allstate I will always be a client. Everyone who I have talked with regarding this situation has been very impressed with the promptness and consideration we have been shown by all Allstate employees. Thanks for your time and again a big Kudos to Garry.

- Ethel, Ohio, submitted 6/14/10
Allstate Steps In After Traumatic Car Accident
I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how pleased and satisfied my wife and I are with the professional way our claim was handled. Your claim adjuster, Donna, couldn't have been more helpful in expediting our claim. This was a very traumatic time for us as our daughter could have very well have been seriously injured or even lost her life in this accident. Needless to say, Donna did a great job in walking us through everything we needed to do and providing us with all of the documentation we needed. I have been a customer of Allstate for over 40 years and as long as there are people like Donna there, I will continue to be a customer.

- David and Susan, submitted 6/9/10

Home Claims Comments

Water Damage Nightmare Avoided (7/28/10)
Back in January I walked in my house and found water damage that developed from a toilet overflowing. After hearing all of the insurance horror stories and personal health issues that my friend had during a recent claim, I was not looking forward to filing a claim. But I must confess Mike was a true professional when it came to the entire process. Mike came to my house and explained how the claim process worked step by step. He provided me with a list of Allstate approved contractors and even contacted them for me. I was always able to get in touch with Mike when I had a question or concern. All of my co-workers have asked me how my experience went with my water claim. I have told them how employees like Mike made a truly bad situation very painless.

- Mark, Illinois, submitted 7/28/10
Claims Assistance Through A Difficult Time (6/21/10)
Last month in the midst of several very life changing events, I discovered many things missing from my home. I was very fortunate to have Farrah assigned to my claim. She showed tremendous patience and compassion in dealing with my situation. She gave me the time I needed to get my thoughts together during this difficult time. She reviewed the claims process with me and helped me get through it. Although I will never be able to replace all the things taken from my home, Farrah made the situation far more bearable. My claim was processed quickly, efficiently and without any delays. I felt it was necessary for me to take a few moments and thank Allstate for having such dedicated employees like Farrah. She even went one step further and gave me some advice for going forward with my insurance coverage which I will pursue. Farrah should be commended for her abilities in dealing with people at difficult times.

- Margo, New York, submitted 6/21/10
Allstate Service Leaves Customer Completely Satisfied
I want you to know "completely satisfied" does not even begin to thank you for all the help you have given us through various people. The hotel, food, parking for us, cleaning our clothes and the kitchen stuff. These people were wonderful! You've gone beyond your goal. I tell everyone about Allstate. It's been quite an experience!

- Phyllis, Colorado, submitted 5/8/10
New Yorker Knows He Is In "Good Hands®" With Allstate
Thanks to all the Allstate team, as Ray, Jody and you treated us very well with your responses, as not only were we going through the repairs at home, but I have just returned from the hospital from a very unexpected heart attack, and was told to rest. From the first phone call to you, I knew we were in good hands. I know now why I have all my insurance is with Allstate, including three cars, home and life insurance. Thanks again.

- Jeff, New York, submitted 6/4/10

General Claims Comments

Customer Thankful for Bilingual Service (10/16/10)
It was such a pleasure to speak with Jacob. He speaks excellent Spanish and I was able to express myself and be understood. Jacob was very professional and articulate and left me with no question that Allstate would be taking care of me. I am glad I chose Allstate.

- Jim, Illinois, submitted 10/16/10
Allstate Alum Finds He Is Still In Good Hands®
A belated thank you for your prompt and most efficient handling of my claim. This was exactly the type of claim efficiency that Allstate wants to be known for and which makes me proud to be an Allstate retiree. Thanks again for your time and effort.

- Jim, Illinois, submitted 4/12/10
Customer Receives "Through The Moon" Service From Allstate Claims
I chose not to take the survey at the beginning of the call - but my experience with Jacob was "through the moon" and I wanted to tell you about it. My family has been with you since 1954. Service from gentlemen such as Jacob is why we are still with you. It really was a perfect situation. Jacob just covered everything. He took my information, got me set up with an inspection. It was short and sweet and to the point. Jacob was very professional - very informative and courteous. I am very happy with Allstate.

- Ron, submitted 6/3/10

Non-Allstate Customer Comments

Claimant Thanks Allstate For An Easy Claim Experience
I am not with Allstate - but felt like I was a customer after I spoke with Arlene. She was a pleasure. She was incredibly informative and was just wonderful to speak with. I am pregnant and had three children in the car with me when the accident occurred. I was very upset. Arlene was extremely empathetic and took the time to listen to me. I appreciated her care and concern.

- Sandra, submitted 5/22/10

Dependable. Fair. Reliable. Timely.

You told us the kind of service you want. To help us provide a consistent experience, we listen and learn from every interaction.
Frustrations Turned Around (10/20/10)
I was very frustrated with this whole claims thing until I spoke with Carol. I have received calls from several claims agents stating that they needed a copy of my repair estimate. I faxed the estimate several times and continued to receive phone calls stating that the fax was not received. Carol went out of her way and made her e-mail available to me so that I could get the estimate to her and she was able to process it right away. That's what I call great customer service.

Submitted 10/20/10
Great Service - Except the Rental Car
I was happy with everything except the rental car. I don't think that Allstate had much to do with that. The rental company gave me a crappy rental car. It broke down on me and all they did was give me a coupon for the next time I used a rental from them. The adjuster was very polite and I had a couple of questions and he took care of it.

Submitted 5/10/10
Customer Service Helps New York Couple Change Their Mind
I must say that my wife and I were just preparing to look for another insurance company because for years, we had both home and auto insurance but had found out by accident (pardon the pun) that we weren't receiving the discount we were entitled to (this has been rectified). We have since done an about-face and have decided to stay with Allstate, strictly because of the service we received from Renee and Anthony. Normally, I'm not one to write e-mails or letters about things, but they both made a tremendous impression on both my wife and I.

- Tom, New York, submitted 1/26/10
Turning Around A Challenging Claim
Marilynn has done an excellent job on what I refer to as "the claim from hell". Right from the beginning, the entire claim was very stressful for me and my family and I made the decision to leave Allstate. My claim has accidently been set up twice, and my new insurance company thought I had two incidents. I called Allstate to clarify this, but no one was able to help. Everything changed once Marilynn began to handle my claim. She was very responsive to me and my concerns and worked with my insurance agent to rectify the situation. She is very professional and courteous. Due to Marilynn's assistance and professionalism, I am considering returning my business to Allstate.

- Ollie, submitted 5/10/10
Reinforcing Our Good Hands®
By the time I spoke to Samantha I was just fed up. But that sweet gem calmed me down and made several phone calls until I was satisfied. I was ready to call your executive office and tell them that they needed to stop the commercials about being in good hands. But I was in good hands with Samantha. She was professional and outstanding.

- Imogene, submitted 5/10/10
Truck Settlement Creates Some Bumps In The Road
The process of settling my truck was drawn out. It took too long getting to the value of my truck. After that, everything was great.

Submitted 5/10/10
Happy Customer - With A Car Payment
We were very satisfied. We thought that we would get more for the car. I have been with Allstate since I was 16 and now I'm 51. I had no car payment before the accident, and now I have a payment. Everyone we talked to was very cordial.

Submitted 5/10/10
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