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Claims process

Simple steps to file a condo insurance claim

Condo buildings generally have condo associations that insure the outer structure of the building and the areas that are shared by multiple owners. A condo owner's policy is separate from the condominium owner’s association's insurance. The two policies combined help the customer ensure there is appropriate coverage for that customer’s needs.

The claim process will vary based on the extent of damage, but here’s what to generally expect:


File and track your claim

After you file a condo insurance claim, you’ll get a claim number to track its progress.

file a claim


Gather documentation for damage inspection

Be sure to gather information regarding your Condominium Owner’s Association. Collecting materials early will help move the claim along quicker and help with coverage decisions. We will provide assistance as needed once a claim is filed. We’ll also work with you to make sure covered damage is properly assessed.


Review estimate

Your damage estimate and any claim payments are based on the details of your condo insurance policy.


Get your condo repaired

Choose a repair vendor from our Allstate’s Good Hands® Repair Network and we’ll work directly with them throughout the repair process. If you’d prefer, you can also select a contractor outside of our network to handle your repairs.


Receive claim payment

Allstate may pay your claim directly to the contractor or send you money for reimbursement.

Condo FAQs

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