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Our Good Hands® - There For Customers And Communities Too!

Allstate's claim team numbers about 15,000 and is among the industry's best. These front-line professionals are caring, compassionate and highly trained. You can count on them to be there, along with our agency partners, to assist customers in their time of need. But we recognize that it's not only our customers who need assistance. Claim members also provide a helping hand to communities and organizations across the country by donating their time and talents. We're proud to highlight some of these claim heroes. At Allstate, our people make a real difference.

Our hightlighted team members are: William Seegull, David Call, Roslyn Graham, Andrea Wharton and Roy Dwyer

William Seegull

Uniondale, New York

Claim team member - William/

How I give back to my community, off the job:
I've been involved with Multiple Sclerosis for almost 15 years. My wife has MS so I know firsthand how this disease affects an individual and a family. I volunteer in a variety of fundraising and awareness building activities at the local and national level. I'm a member of the National MS Society's Government Relations Committee and have travelled to Washington, D.C. with my family to talk with Congressional leaders about the need for more research. I want to help win the fight against MS for my wife, my daughter and everyone else who may be affected by this disease!

How I care for customers, on the job:
I work in the Special Investigation Unit (SIU). Unfortunately, there's a lot of insurance fraud in our communities. Fraud is not a victimless crime as we all pay for it with higher premiums. My work helps to keep rates competitive for customers and consumers alike.

What I enjoy about my job:
Is that Allstate supports you in your time of need. Whether you're a customer filing a claim or an employee looking to get involved in the community, Allstate is there to help.

David Call

Houston, Texas

Claim team member - David.

How I give back to my community, off the job:
I like to give back in a variety of ways. This summer, I spent my Saturday mornings volunteering in the Cardiovascular ICU unit of a local hospital, answering phones and helping out where needed. I'm also involved in youth development and empowerment. During the summer, my wife and I host a week-long camp through our church for young women and men. I enjoy working with kids on these trips and I get to play cook! I'm very appreciative of what I have in life and feel a sense of responsibility to give back to my community.

How I care for customers, on the job:
What I enjoy most about my job is that I get to help people and no day is the same. It's important to treat customers like you want to be treated.

My claims prevention tip:
I like to tell my customers about Digital Locker for an easy way to put together an inventory of their belongings. It's a great tool that can be a huge help if you ever have a loss.

Roslyn Graham

St. Petersburg, Florida

Claim team member - Roslyn.

How I give back to my community, off the job:
I've been a volunteer with my local YWCA for 16 years and board chair for the last three. I help abused women with basic but important life skills. Many of these women are independent for the first time and need assistance. Also, every Christmas I collect toys for hundreds of families and volunteer with a group called Angels that helps underprivileged girls. Compassion and giving back are things I learned from my parents.

How I care for customers, on the job:
A claim can be an emotional time. I make it a point to lessen a customer's stress after a loss. I enjoy talking with customers and always try to leave them smiling or laughing. Why not? They don't need additional stress after what they have been through.

My claims prevention tip:
People often associate collisions with driving too fast, but did you know that most auto claims involve low speed collisions? An easy tip is to remember to be extra careful when driving in "stop and go" situations—like parking lots or traffic jams—to help you avoid getting into a fender bender.

Andrea Wharton

Houston, Texas

Claim team member - Andrea.

How I give by community, off the job:
I'm a volunteer court appointed advocate with CASA, a global non-profit organization that helps abused or neglected children return to a safe and secure home. I've been sworn in by a judge and have served as an advocate for a couple of years. Child and Protective Services is overwhelmed so they rely heavily on volunteer advocates to serve as additional eyes and ears in the community. I provide these kids with a voice and that compels me to volunteer and even take vacation days to make court appearances.

How I care for customers, on the job:
I'm one of the first people a customer speaks with after an accident. It's a big privilege but also a big responsibility. My goal is to make a good first impression, ensure the person is taken care of and let them know they're in Good Hands®.

My claims prevention tip:
I can't emphasize enough how much having the right coverage matters—it's the difference between getting back to normal, or not. I tell everyone I know to talk with their local agent to make sure they're protected and have peace of mind.

Roy Dwyer

Roanoke, Virginia

Claim team member - Roy.

How I give back to my community, off the job:
I was looking to get involved in my community after I finished college. I saw an ad in the local paper about Big Brothers/Big Sisters mentors. I come from a big family, enjoy the outdoors, sports and helping others, so being a Big Brother seemed like a good fit. Who would have guessed I would be associated with this organization for almost 30 years! I also volunteer with Family Promise, a non-profit agency that helps homeless families get back on their feet. Giving back feels awesome!

How I care for customers, on the job:
I always try to make the customer feel at ease and let them know that Allstate is here for them each step of the way. I especially get excited when talking with a long-term customer and can say thank you for being a loyal customer—they really appreciate that.

What I enjoy about my job:
I enjoy everything. It's so rewarding to work with Allstate agency owners to protect customers and help make them whole again when the unexpected happens.

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