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Catastrophe FAQ

Find Answers To Your Catastrophe Claims Questions.

Navigate the catastrophe claims process quickly and easily. You can find answers to commonly asked catastrophe claims questions, and you can always access 24/7 claims assistance.

Starting A Claim

How Allstate Responds To A Catastrophe.

Allstate may respond to a severe weather event by deploying catastrophe claim personnel and establishing mobile catastrophe claims locations. If the catastrophe affects a large number of vehicles in a concentrated area, Allstate’s National Catastrophe Team (NCT) may establish large-scale automobile inspection locations to handle the high volume of damaged vehicles.

What should I do immediately following a catastrophe?

  • Protect yourself and your family.
  • Contact your agent, log in to My Account or call 1-800-54-STORM to start your claim.
  • If you purchased a policy with another company through an Allstate agent, contact your agent or call 1-888-213-0085.
  • Protect your property from additional damages. Most Allstate homeowners policies have a reimbursement provision for reasonable and necessary temporary repair costs (up to a specified limit) that you incur while trying to protect your covered property from additional damage resulting from a covered loss. Please be sure to save these receipts for consideration of reimbursement.

What if my home is unlivable?

Your policy may provide for additional living expenses if your home is unlivable due to a covered loss. Ask your agent or catastrophe claims team member if your policy has this provision.

How long will it take to complete my claim?

The length of time it takes to complete the claims process can depend on the complexity of your damages, the availability of vendors and disaster safety issues.

During A Claim

When will someone inspect my damage?

Your catastrophe claims team member will contact you and determine if a damage inspection is needed or if your loss can be settled by phone. When an inspection is required, we schedule an appointment as quickly as possible, but we usually schedule appointments for customers with the most extensive damages first.

Should I wait until an Allstate adjuster inspects the damage before making any repairs?

Yes, you must wait to begin repairs until we have completed an inspection and properly assessed covered damages. However, you do not have to wait for Allstate to inspect your property or settle your loss to select a contractor who can repair the damage.

If your damaged property requires immediate attention, consider making temporary repairs to prevent further loss. Most Allstate homeowners policies have a reimbursement provision for reasonable and necessary temporary repair costs (up to a specified limit) that you incur while trying to protect your covered property from additional damage resulting from a covered loss. So please be sure to save these receipts for consideration of reimbursement.

Do Allstate catastrophe claims team members recommend contractors?

No, you decide how best to replace your personal property and to repair your home's damage. Allstate does not recommend contractors following a catastrophe.

How do I choose a contractor?

  • Talk with friends or family members who have recently had satisfactory repair work completed.
  • Ask for contractor references and check them.
  • Get information about your contractor's work history from your local Better Business Bureau.
  • Discuss payment terms with your contractor before signing any contracts.

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How can I check on the status of my claim?

To check the status of your claim, contact your adjuster, or call 1-800-54-STORM to speak with a catastrophe claims team member. You can also log into My Account to view your claim status online. If you still need to create an account, you can register now.

What if additional damages are found during the repair process?

If additional damage is found during the repair process, you must call your catastrophe claims team member or 1-800-54-STORM immediately to report this. Your catastrophe claims team member will determine if the damage needs to be re-inspected or if it can be resolved by phone with your contractor.

What if I don’t agree with my Allstate claim representative’s estimate?

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, differences of opinion about an estimate occur. If you disagree with our damage evaluation, please call your Allstate claims team member or 1-800-54-STORM to discuss the issue. In many instances we can resolve the differences by phone. We are committed to always settle claims fairly.

How will my personal property claim be settled?

If your loss involves personal property and your policy provides coverage for personal property damages that result from a covered loss, you will need to make a detailed description of damaged personal property including the manufacturers' names, model numbers, purchase dates and purchase prices to provide to your catastrophe claims team member.

Why is there depreciation shown on the estimate when I have replacement cost coverage (personal property reimbursement provision)?

If you purchased the personal property reimbursement provision, the policy will pay to replace your covered personal property if it's damaged, destroyed or stolen, with new items of like quality. Although your damage estimate shows a depreciation amount, Allstate will make an additional payment to reimburse you (in excess of the actual cash value and up to the replacement cost noted on your estimate) for the cost you incur for repairing, rebuilding or replacing your covered property. This is, of course, subject to the policy limits, coverage, conditions and exclusion provisions of your policy, as well as any applicable state laws.

Finishing A Claim

When and to whom do I pay my deductible?

In most cases, you would pay your deductible directly to the contractor once repairs are completed. Your damage estimate lists the total dollar amount of your covered loss, your deductible, any applicable depreciation and the amount Allstate pays toward the loss.

What is a deductible?

The deductible is the portion of a covered loss that you are responsible for under the policy. For example, if the covered loss is $4,500 and your deductible is $500, you pay the $500 and Allstate pays the remaining $4,000.

When can I expect to receive a settlement check from Allstate?

In some cases, the adjuster will complete the estimate at the time of inspection and provide you with both the estimate and the check so you can quickly begin the repair process. However, in most instances the adjuster inspects the damage, prepares a repair estimate, and once we have approved and processed the estimate, we will mail a check and the estimate to you separately.

Why does the check I receive from Allstate include the name of my mortgage holder?

If you have a mortgage on your home, the mortgagee is usually named in your homeowners policy. Most mortgagees require that their name is included on claim payment checks. You will need to contact your mortgagee to find out how to obtain their endorsement on the check.

What if I have questions about my claim or find additional damage after the catastrophe adjusters are no longer in my area?

Allstate is committed to serving our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-800-54-STORM.

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