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Every minute counts when you’re running a small business. Manage your business insurance claim like a pro. Allstate makes it easy.

File and track a claim

You can file a commercial auto claim by calling 1-800-Allstate.

After you file, you can track your business auto claim by calling 1-800-897-4865.

Business owners’ policy claim
Call 1-800-359-1000

The commercial auto insurance claim process


File and track your claim

Once you’ve filed your claim at 1-800-ALLSTATE, you’ll receive a claim number. Use it to track your commercial auto claim’s progress. You can get updates on your business property or liability claim from your adjuster.

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Coverage and damage evaluation

We’ll assess the damage and help set up any necessary repairs or replacements your policy covers.


Estimate review

We’ll contact you about your claim settlement once you have a repair estimate.


Start repairs

You can start repairs once you’ve had your estimate and coverage reviewed. Use a trusted shop from Allstate’s Good Hands® Repair Network for auto repairs or go with an outside provider of your choice.


Get paid

We’ll send the payment to either you or the repair provider. It depends on the details of your coverage.

Still need help? Visit the business insurance FAQ page for further guidance and information.