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Allstate Claims

Allstate Auto Claims

Your Guide to the Allstate Claims Process

Proceso de Reclamos

File Your Claim Moving Forward Resolve

Gather the Facts

Some insurance claims are simple, some have quite a few moving pieces. Allstate helps keep it all organized for you.

If you're not at fault, you can choose to have the other insurance company handle your claim, or you can choose Allstate. We'll even try to recover the cost of any deductible amount you might have to pay.

Review Your Coverage

Before anything else, we will take a look at the parts of your policy that relate to your claim. We'll also answer your questions about what damages are covered and what deductibles you'll have to pay, if any. With that information, you can decide how to move forward.

What Type of Insurance Claim?

Allstate has different departments that specialize in specific kinds of insurance claims. So you can rest easy knowing that it'll be handled by professionals who know the kind of claim you're filing inside and out.

Schedule an Estimate

If your car was damaged, you'll need to get an estimate on the damage. Depending on the circumstances, we may recommend taking your vehicle to one of our Allstate Drive-In Centers, we can schedule a claim adjuster to go to the location of your vehicle or upon your request we can provide the names of local repair shops who participate in our Direct Repair Program called Allstate Good Hands® Repair Network.

To help you get on with your day, scheduling a drive-in appointment will allow one of our technically qualified adjusters to complete a physical inspection of the damage to your vehicle and in most cases, provide you with an estimate at that time. To schedule your appointment, call the Customer Service Center at 1-800-ALLSTATE (1-800-255-7828).

Once you have the estimate, you can talk with your claims team about your repair options.

Do You Need a Rental Car?

If your car is going into the shop, chances are you may need something to drive. If you have Rental Reimbursement coverage on your policy, the cost of the rental could be covered, but check your policy for specific details.

If you take your car to a Priority Repair Option repair shop recommended by Allstate, getting a rental is a snap. A lot of times, they work directly with the rental company, and some even have a rental office on site. Or you're always free to get a rental car on your own.

Whose Fault Is It?

In any accident, the answer to this question is probably the one you care the most about. After we've heard your description of the accident, we'll objectively look at all the available information to help assess fault.

Depending on your coverages, the damage to your vehicle may be covered regardless of who's at fault. However you are responsible for any deductible that may apply.

If you aren't at fault in the accident, we'll pursue the at-fault party to recover your deductible amount as permitted under applicable state laws.

If you are at fault, we will handle any claims covered under your policy for damages which you are legally obligated to pay.

Was Anyone Injured?

If someone was hurt, we will handle the claim fairly and promptly.

Where Can I Get My Car Fixed?

You are always free to choose any repair shop, and Allstate will always honor your choice of where to get your car repaired. But if you don't already have a shop in mind, you can always ask us for a recommendation, and we will be happy to help you.

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