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Affected by Hurricane Irma or Hurricane Harvey?

The impact of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey is devastating and Allstate is doing what we can to help you recover. In fact, the Allstate National Catastrophe Team is already hard at work answering questions and getting the claim process started in the communities affected by this catastrophe. If you're an Allstate customer who needs to file a claim due to damage from Hurricane Irma or Hurricane Harvey, Allstate gives you three ways to start the process: call 800-54-STORM, visit them online at or contact your local Allstate Agent.

Allstate also has Mobile Claims Centers and hundreds of additional employees are on the ground in the most heavily impacted areas. These are Allstate Catastrophe Experts, dedicated to handling your claims in a prompt manner. They, along with your local Allstate Agent, will be here for you every step of the way. Once again, for immediate help call 800-54-STORM, go to or contact your local Allstate Agent. Remember, starting your claim is an important first step in recovering from the storm. And Allstate is ready to help.

Access 24/7 catastrophe claims service by calling 1-800-54-STORM.

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Allstate Good Hands Recovery Guide

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Catastrophe Information

Helping You Rebuild In Texas.

If a crisis occurs in Texas, Allstate's National Catastrophe Team (NCT) can help. The NCT consists of more than 800 full-time members and a fleet of mobile claims centers. The team is prepared to travel to damaged or affected areas in your community to help give the attention your situation demands.

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Call 1-800-54-STORM (1-800-547-8676) to access 24/7 catastrophe claims service.

You can call 1-800-359-1000 to report a commercial property claim. To report a flood claim, call 1-800-54-STORM, contact your agent or start your claim online.

The NCT And Mobile Claims Centers Are Here To Help.

Our mobile claims centers offer you the chance to meet with members of the NCT after your community has been affected by a severe weather event. The NCT can help you report a claim, answer questions and may be able to provide additional living expenses on covered losses.

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Dealing With The Aftermath Of A Disaster.

When severe weather impacts your community it can be very stressful. Understanding the steps in the disaster claims process can help you ease stress and begin picking up the pieces.

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Mobile claims center.

Get Answers To Your Disaster Claims Questions.

Need help navigating the disaster claims process? We can help. Allstate not only offers guidance and support, but you can also scan our frequently asked questions to find the answers you need.

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Preparation Can Bring Peace Of Mind.

Being prepared helps you know how to respond in a severe weather event. Get helpful catastrophe information and explore Allstate's various tools and resources, like the Emergency Preparedness articles, to learn how to prep. Explore the links below for even more helpful information:

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