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Affected by the Recent Wildfires?

If you are affected by the and need help now, the National Catastrophe Team has established the below Mobile Claim Centers to expedite the claims process for customers affected by this event.

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Mobile Claim Centers and Catastrophe Response Vehicles

The NCT team has a fleet of mobile claim centers and catastrophe response vehicles that come to local communities to help customers affected by severe weather events. Mobile claim centers are custom motorhomes that serve as fully equipped work centers. Allstate policyholders can visit these centers to file catastrophe claims and get questions answered. NCT members also deploy catastrophe response vehicles after major disasters to canvass severely damaged neighborhoods, find customers and help them get the claim process started — on the spot. Catastrophe response vehicles are smaller in scale than mobile claim centers and can easily maneuver city streets to get to devastated communities. During significantly damaging events, policyholders may be able to receive claim funds for additional living expenses on covered losses.

Access 24/7 catastrophe claims service by calling 1-800-54-STORM.

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Allstate Mobile Claims Centers (MCC)

The Allstate National Catastrophe Team often positions Mobile Claims Centers (MCC) at convenient locations to assist our policyholders. At the MCC you can meet with catastrophe personnel, get answers to your claim questions and file a claim against your Allstate policy.

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