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Allstate Culture

Our business is one that is built on caring - a value that has been at the core of our relationship with customers, employees and agents for more than 70 years.

The Allstate Partnership

This value is evident in The Allstate Partnership - a set of mutual expectations between the company and employees. The Partnership describes what employees can expect from Allstate as an employer and what, in turn, the company expects from employees.

Our Workforce

The Allstate workforce and the company's culture of inclusion are evidence of our long-standing commitment to diversity. Our high performance work environment encourages individual accountability, innovative thinking and continuous learning and improvement.

Our Environment

Our work environment is fast-paced, challenging, and collaborative. It's our goal to provide challenging work that is interesting and meaningful and to reward employees' efforts based on a pay for performance approach.


Allstate offers a comprehensive total compensation package. In addition to base pay, Allstate employees also enjoy competitive time away from work policies, health and dental benefits, the Allstate Retirement Plan and the Savings and Profit Sharing Plan of Allstate Employees (401k). Our work/life policies seek to provide the flexibility that employees need to balance both work and personal commitments.

Education & Training

Allstate supports individual learning and development through professional education policies, tuition reimbursement and numerous on-the-job learning opportunities. In offices located across the United States, Allstate offers a wide range of exciting career opportunities. Find out what we mean when we say "You're in good hands" with Allstate.

People Who Care

For seven decades, Allstate has built its reputation on promising to be there when customers need help to protect their lives, families, property and communities. Our long heritage of caring and commitment is expressed through partnerships, volunteerism, grants, investments, safety and market initiatives. Our history is a testament to our culture: Allstate is a company of people who care.

Community Commitment

Shaped by employees and agents at the local, grass-roots level, our relations in the community are intimate and sustained. They are designed to help ensure future markets. Together, all 53,000 Allstate employees and agents are making an enormous difference in the lives of residents in those communities where we live, work and do business.

The Allstate Foundation

At Allstate, we commit our financial and human resources where they can make the most impact, while helping to advance our strategic and cultural goals in carefully focused support areas: Personal Safety and Security, Community and Neighborhood Revitalization, Financial Planning and Education, Youth Development and Volunteerism. Significantly, Allstate was named one of "America's Most Generous Companies" by The American Benefactor magazine and each year, The Allstate Foundation funds more than 1,000 grants with a multi-million dollar budget. The Foundation's financial impact is amplified many times in concert with Allstate's Helping Hands volunteers, the company's community-giving arms and legs.

From our early and persistent support for air bags, to helping rebuild urban communities, to the compassion of the many employees involved in Helping Hands volunteer programs, we have focused on activities that address serious social issues that affect our customers, employees, shareholders and the larger community.

The caring people of Allstate recognize that the most meaningful professional and personal investments we make are those that impact the lives of families and children in positive ways.

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