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Multiple Career Paths are available for Agency Staff

Possible Roles At An Allstate Agency

Career Opportunities

Licensed Sales Professional

Are you looking for a sales career at a local small business with the backing and support of a brand people recognize and trust? As a Licensed Sales Professional, you will help grow the Allstate agency by engaging new prospects and building strong relationships within your community. You'll work as a member of a sales team focused on providing insurance and financial products that help customers protect their homes, cars, and retirement incomes.

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Customer Care Professional

Do you like that feeling you get when you help people? Why not get that feeling every day? As a Customer Care Professional, you'll be in charge of helping grow an Allstate agency by making and keeping customers happy. The Agency Owner will count on you to build strong relationships within the community.

Office Manager

Are you looking for a challenging new way to apply your leadership skills? As an Allstate Agency Office Manager, you'll be in charge of the team that keeps customers happy and keeps the business running smoothly. You'll create and oversee the agency's policies and procedures when it comes to benefits, compensation, morale, and staff development and training.

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There are many opportunities to build a meaningful career working at Allstate Agencies*

No insurance experience? We can help you get licensed.

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*Allstate Exclusive Agency Owners are independent contractors and are solely responsible for determining all aspects of their relationship with their agency staff. Agency Owners are also solely responsible for their employment practices, including but not limited to determining what career opportunities are available with their agency. The possible career path(s) presented are examples of potential positions with an Allstate agency, but these positions will vary by agency as determined by the Agency Owner.

**Subject to the terms of the Allstate R3001 Exclusive Agency Agreements and program materials.

The agency staff opportunity is not an employment opportunity directly with Allstate Insurance Co.; but rather employment as a staff member with Allstate Exclusive Agents, who are independent contractors. ® 2018 Allstate Insurance Co.
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