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A man and woman reading information about actuarial internship opportunities at Allstate

Property and Casualty Actuary Job Profile

Job Responsibilities

Gather and analyze financial and statistical data, recommend and communicate information, implement pricing changes, develop new products and programs, and prepare for Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) exams. For a closer look at Property & Casualty Actuarial Careers, check out this brief online presentation.


Advanced skills in mathematics and statistics, personal computer skills, written and oral communication skills, interpersonal skills, knowledge of current business trends, social science, law and economics.

New Actuaries

Our new actuarial students can enjoy a world-class training program during their first few months at Allstate. The actuarial training program has a dynamic environment where a new student's day consists of:

  • Reviewing and analyzing mathematical data (premiums, losses, expenses, etc.) to determine whether the premium collected covers the associated losses, expenses and profit expectations.
  • Analyzing rating variables to determine whether an appropriate rate is being charged to different segments within the market.
  • Attending formal classroom training sessions.
  • Working one-on-one with their manager for more in depth instruction on actuarial concepts, and developing camaraderie with the other members of their training class.

The concepts and skills learned during this time ensures that each new hire has the knowledge necessary to help them succeed in their role as an actuarial student.

Exam Review

Taking actuarial exams is an integral part of the actuarial career. To be an accredited casualty actuary, you must pass a series of professional examinations administered by the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) and the Society of Actuarial (SOA). These examinations are demanding, covering many of the techniques and theories used in the actuarial profession.

The purpose of the exams is to assist with your development as a qualified professional in the casualty actuarial field. Allstate assists employees to help assure that their actuaries have every opportunity to be successful on the exams. For more information on our study program, write to Ask an Actuary. After having passed a prescribed number of casualty actuarial exams and a course on professionalism and ethics, you are designated as an Associate (ACAS) and admitted as a member to the CAS. Upon successfully completing the remainder of the exams, you are designated as a Fellow (FCAS) of the CAS. Typically successful completion of the exams and the designation of FCAS requires eight to 10 years of self-study and practical actuarial experience.


The Allstate Actuarial Internship Program offers unique opportunities for bright, enthusiastic and talented students from a variety of backgrounds. A combination of skill-based training and project ownership empowers students with the hands-on responsibilities involved in working for one of the nation's largest insurance companies. The key elements of our internship program include:

  • Focused skills based training curriculum
  • Twelve weeks of work experiences with one of the nation's largest insurance companies
  • Generous housing opportunities and subsidies
  • Optional transportation to and from work
  • Company-wide intern luncheons featuring company officers as keynote speakers
  • Intern camaraderie through group housing opportunities and extracurricular activities in the evenings and on the weekends
  • Consideration for future full-time employment
  • Museums, sporting events, concerts and fine dining.

Actuarial interns at Allstate learn and use fundamental actuarial insurance techniques. The training program balances formal classroom education, computer-based training and an informal mentorship experience. Interns are responsible for a variety of work projects including assisting with rate review activities such as implementing a new rating plan (e.g. Good Student Discount), analyzing the adequacy of current rates, or responding to a state insurance department request. Interns have the opportunity to interact with other employees at varying levels both inside and outside their department. As a matter of fact, interns work on projects typically given to full-time hires. Allstate Actuarial interns have great opportunity for success. Typically, more than 80 percent of interns receiving full-time employment offers, return as new hires. To learn more about spending your summer with us, click here.

Internship opportunities can be found in "Jobsearch" under "Illinois Jobs" and "Internships". Students are encouraged to submit their resume directly online for appropriate position(s).

Employees are encouraged to submit internship candidates through the Employee Referral Process.

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Want to learn more about Allstate Actuaries? You can Ask an Actuary conveniently through email.

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