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Life Actuarial Career Program

The ACP at Allstate Financial has been designed to develop actuarial associates into future leaders through a combination of broad rotational job experiences, on-the-job training from top-notch colleagues and managers, professional development, and strong exam support. Allstate Financial is committed to providing excellent opportunities to new actuaries from the first moment of your career through career mentoring, planning, and progression.

Actuarial Mentor Program

As a member of the ACP program, you will be assigned a mentor. Assigned mentors are successful senior actuaries in the company who can leverage their experiences to help younger employees start their careers on the right path. Mentors are usually from a different part of the company which allows new full-time hires to network with actuaries that they do not work with on a daily basis. Mentors are available to consult with on career planning, technical topics, or current hot issues in the profession and the industry as well as unique issues that you might be facing your professional career.

Actuarial Rotation Program

Allstate Financial recognizes that experience is the best instructor when it comes to developing well-rounded actuarial leaders. Therefore, each actuarial associate's performance is individually tracked, allowing for targeted rotation to new assignments. High performers can expect to rotate more frequently and have assignments in multiple business units, providing a breadth and depth of actuarial knowledge that prepares them for leadership positions throughout the company.

After completion of your FSA, Allstate Financial continues to encourage and support rotation on a more informal basis including at the senior managerial positions. The company nurtures broadly trained senior leaders with diverse experiences. Opportunities at Allstate include technical and managerial positions in:

  • Product Development and Pricing
  • Asset/Liability Management
  • Financial Modeling
  • Valuation
  • Capital Management
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Corporate Goverance

Actuarial Study Program

Allstate Financial is committed to professional development through education. For actuaries, a vital component of this training is the successful completion of the Society of Actuaries exam process. Allstate Financial understands the challenging nature of the actuarial exam syllabus, and has installed a very competitive program to maximize the success of our students in the Actuarial Career Program.

ACP Exam Program Highlights

  • Up to 120 hours of on-the-job study time per exam sitting
  • Paid exam fees and study material costs
  • Paid tuition and travel for exam review classes and required Seminars
  • Actuarial study room with computers provided for all actuarial associates
  • Competitive raises for successful completion of each exam.  While exam raises vary based on job performance, they are in addition to annual merit increases.
  • Cash bonuses for successful completion of exam on first attempt.  Additional cash bonus upon receipt of FSA designation

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