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Trying To Do Too Much?

If you're like the average small business owner (SBO), stress is a normal part of life. How normal? A survey of 1,200 U.S. small and medium-sized business owners by Manta Media Inc. found that nearly 50 percent won't take a vacation this year, and almost 60 percent are working more hours in 2012 than they did in 2011. And a recent Bank of America survey found that company demands cause 57 percent of U.S. SBOs to regularly sacrifice free time and 37 percent to go without exercise.

Allstate Can Help

SBOs know that stress is just part of what comes with the pride of running your own company. After all, you are the one who has to clear paper jams out of the printer, meet with clients and inspire employees-all while figuring out a way to boost sales and sustain profits.

Allstate can help. Our agents can't fix your printer or write your performance reviews, but they can help you determine the right insurance coverage for your company. They'll work with you to understand the types of business licenses you need, and they'll be there for you if a 2 a.m. thunderstorm floods your basement. Allstate agents can eliminate the stress of wondering whether all your hard work is protected.

Business to Business

One reason why: Allstate agents are small business owners too, and they understand the issues unique to SBOs. Consider George White, owner of the George White Insurance Agency in Houston. White, who started his business from scratch, gets to know each of his clients personally. "My clients want to talk with the same person every time they call, someone who remembers their issues and who can jump right into a detailed conversation," he says. "They know it's me on the phone, and not someone at a call center."

One-to-One Relationships

Wayne Smith of Smith Insurance Services in Mesa, Ariz., echoes those sentiments. Smith, who started his firm in 1990, can relate to practically everything his SBO customers are facing. "I try to develop one-to-one relationships with my clients," he says, adding that he also takes pride in helping them deal with emergencies. "When a hailstorm destroyed the roof and air conditioners on one of my client's buildings, Allstate replaced it all. That was a proud moment for me."

Proving It Every Day

Like their SBO clients, they also know that they can't rest on their laurels. Mickey Rountree is an Allstate agent in Savannah, Ga., who has been in business for nearly 40 years. He understands that he needs to prove his worth to clients on a daily basis. "We still have to go out and earn our clients' trust," he says. "We do that by becoming a valued part of their business."

Allstate Business Insurance

The bottom line: Allstate agents get it-they understand the stress of owning and running a small business. They'll take pains to learn about your company and its needs. And they'll help you find the right type and amount of coverage that you need. With that covered, you can focus on what's really important-running your business.

Get the Good Hands Advantage

Allstate business insurance gives you great protection at a great price. Find your local agent or call us at 1-888-322-3070 to see how we can help you save on business insurance.

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